I haven’t been myself lately.

After that night of discovery.

I keep re living it over and over.

Not knowing if I was ready.

Feeling wanted was what I needed and what I got.

I haven’t felt that way in a while.

You looked into my eyes and told me I was beautiful.

held me tight

and kissed me.

Your lips smooth and soft.

My body tingling with surprise.

My lips knew just what to do.

My body ready for more







The mask is on.

Now I am safe.

I can be any one I wanna be.

Fooling them all.

To the outside I am strong.

Only to be weak on the inside.

The line has been drawn and must not be crossed.

If they only knew.

Stay strong.

Keep fooling them all.

Don’t let them in.

The mask is off

I am me again.

Weak and scared.

If they only knew.

They know now.



Feelin Alive


It’s late at night and the energy is high. 

The music is blaring and the lights are loud. 

My friends and I are dancing to the music not worried about the steps. 

I can feel the beat inside of me and I’m feeling alive. 

I could stay here all night. 

My favorite song is playing and I know every word. 

I’m screaming so loud. 

Does anyone hear me?

I feel free as a bird when the music is playing. 

I get lost in the beat. 

I’m feeling alive. 



Why am I  not good enough?

Why am I doing it wrong?

Why do you make me feel useless and weak?

Why are you controlling me?


Why should I listen to you?

Why do you have the last word?

Why do you have the power?






I can’t stop thinking about dragons and unicorns. The dragons are blue with green scales and dark grey eyes. They aren’t very big and they eat lollipops. Cherry flavored ones. 

The unicorns remind me of cotton candy. They have pink fluffy hair and light blue bodies. Their horns are are brightly colored in purple, green and a light red. The unicorns like to have sword fights with each other. 

Both of these creatures live in a faraway island  called Nimbus, where it’s all sunny. Nimbus is rich with forests and lakes and plenty of lollipops for the dragons and chcoclate for the unicorns. 

Not really sure where all this is going but I can’t stop thinking about the dragons and the unicorns and wishing I was on the island of Nimbus.



I’ve cried too much. 

Yet the tears won’t go away. 

How to make them stop?

I try to smile but it doesn’t help. 

The sadness just takes over. 

Like a monster. 

Quick think of something happy. 

A cute puppy 

The little girl next door with her pink sundress and huge smile. 

Chocolate ice cream

I can feel the happiness starting to come back. 

The tears have stopped 

And the monster has gone away. 


Worlds Apart


Been thinking about you lately.
your perfect eyes, messy hair and gentle smile,
are just distance memories now.
We were so close, yet, worlds apart. 

Let’s bring our worlds together again.
I watch you from a far wanting to be yours. 

The little things you say make me smile and wish I was yours
Come back to me? We were perfect.
You lit up my world and left me wanting more. 

You are my drug, making me want more.
 We were so close, yet worlds apart. 

Let’s bring our worlds together again.
You made me feel like the only one in the room,

whispering in my ear I love you.
Holding me tightly, I could have stayed there all night.
But you let me go.
We were so close, yet worlds apart.
Let’s bring our worlds together again.