Work life


Aww the silence of the night. I love sitting in my house and listening to the silence. It gives me a chance to think, mostly about my day. Today was tough at first and I wasn’t sure if it was going to get better, but it did.

One of my first phone calls this morning was from a very upset mom of a ten year old boy. The mom started the conversation by telling me she is very upset with our clinic that she is ready to report us. I nicely ask her what happened? Big mistake I got an ear full. I can’t tell you what she wanted her son to be seen for but it was very important to her. After she was done ranting as I call it. I said I’m sorry that things didn’t go as planned and that I was not authorized to make the type of appointment she wanted for her son. I would have to leave a message for the nurse who makes the type of appointment she wanted. The mom didn’t like that answer. At this point she is swearing at me and telling me that our clinic doesn’t care about her son and that if she doesn’t hear back from the nurse she is leaving our clinic and she is going to report us. She also wanted to talk to our manager. Our manager was not in the office today, strike three for us. I offered to transfer her to our managers voice mail but the mom wanted to actually speak with our manager face to face. The mom started to swear at me again after I told her that the manager was not there. I sternly told the mom to stop swearing at me and that I am trying to help her. She continued to swear and at that point I just hung up. I don’t need that abuse.

I feared she would call back and yell at me for hanging up on her but she never did. The rest of my phone calls for the day were nothing compared to that one .But it stuck with me all day. Not because I was upset over it but because that mom did exactly what you don’t do when calling a business and requesting a service. That behavior only makes me not want to help her or if was able to give her appointment I would have picked a date way in the future and told her that was the soonest we had for that type of appointment. Some would say that is mean of me to do but I don’t deserve that type of abuse. Well, tomorrow is a new day and even tho I had a tough morning I still left work with a smile on my face.

A moment in time


All the emotions came rushing back something that hasn’t happened in a long time. I felt empty and a afraid again, all the memories weren’t really memories anymore they were present and very real. 

Thinking back to all those memories was not something I had planned on doing. It all started when that one song started playing threw my headphones and almost instantly I was in tears. All the memories came creeping back into my head and they wouldn’t stop. I haven’t been to that place in so long and I don’t ever want to go back there. 

Week one done!


I survived the first week of work with a new system, new job title and in a new building. I was so stressed out going into the whole thing that I gave my self an anxiety attack, which lead to no sleep and more stress.

The first two days I spent only taking phone calls and making appointments. It was a bit nervous but I was amazed at how much I remembered from training oh so many weeks ago. There were little things I forgot how do like sending a telephone message to a doctor or nurse. Luck for us there was support staff around to answer any questions we had. The following days after I spent “checking patients in” or registration. Registration is a little more complex. There are so many steps to checking a person in it was mind blowing. I had learned how to in training but actually going threw the motions is a different thing.

Now that the week is over I feel way more confident in my new job and I’m excited to really start this journey. The new program allows us to do so many things with a click of a button, which is way better then having to write it down like we had to do before. Next week I’m back to making appointments, which I prefer and I’m very happy to be back there again.

Daily Prompt: Year


That past year sure has been a crazy one. It started off with a trip to Disneyland which lead to having an emergency surgery and being off work for two weeks. Many changes at work happened and the biggest one is taking place in a mere day. I rekindled this blog and hope to continue to make it grow again. I made new friends, which are like family to me.

The new year has just started and I have many exciting things to look forward to. My sister is getting married in April and she has chosen Hawaii as the spot. I’m very excited for her and it will be my first time to Hawaii. In May it will be 2o years since I fell in love with my favorite band every year they hold a huge celebration in their hometown and I am making the trip this year for the second time. It will be a celebration to end all celebrations and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I also have a few other wonderful things happening this year but I can’t talk about those just yet.

Here is a too a great 2017 and the memories that we will create!



via Daily Prompt: Year



There is not a day that goes by

that I don’t think about you

I can still hear your voice in my mind

telling me it’s going to be OK.

You left me too soon.

what am I gonna do?

I wake up in the night expecting to see you next to me.

Yet there is just emptiness and a broken heart.

I had so much to say to you but I couldn’t speak.

You closed your eyes and then you were gone.

The room feel silent and stayed for a long time.

Until someone broke the silence with a smile.

A smile that I will never forget.






Omg work pt. 3


Tomorrow is that last day we will be open to the public until move into our new building. Its such a bittersweet thing to think about. The doctors office I work at has been at the same building for what seems like forever and now that we have joined forces with the local hospital everything is going to change.

Over the weekend we will be working to be ready to open after the first of the year. We will go live with a new system and we will slowly say good bye to paper charts and start going more electronic. We hope to be able to provide the same high quality service to our patients but every single of us is scared. The providers keep trying to make things as smooth as possible but the stress level keeps rising as we get closer to move day.

I have only been working there for six years but I grew up there because my worked there as the business manager for almost 30 years. I have so many memories of going there as a kid even when I wasn’t sick. And now that I work there and I’m seeing the end I’m experiencing sadness and happiness at the same time. I’m sad because we won’t be the same small company helping the community and so much is going to change. Happy because the changes will be good for us in the long run and not having to deal with paper chars will be a god send.

I’m not fully ready for the change but I know I will get there. Here’s to a new leaf!

A life’s journey


I have told you a little about me in the past but I thought I would share a little more.


I was born in Southern Washington State to a sixteen year old girl. She knew she couldn’t provide a life for me that I deserved so she decided to give me up for adoption. I was adopted by two loving people who lived in Alaska, at the time. Later I found out that my birth mother got to pick the couple and she couldn’t have picked two better people.

Three years later my parents adopted another baby girl and our family grow a little. We moved from Alaska to the Seattle area before settling where I currently live. Growing up in a small town was not something I loved. A place where every body knows each other and knows all your business, not for me.

I remember starting Kindergarten in the middle of year and being scared out of mind. The teacher was mean too. She slapped my hand once because I tried to touch one of those little bells. I soon made friends and school wasn’t so tough anymore. The one nice thing about living in a small town is that some of the kids I met in Kindergarten I still had classes with in High School. It was fun to have known them for all those years.

Right after High School my parents got divorced and my mom got re married. My dad moved away and we tried to stay in touch but now we never talk. Shortly after my mom got re married I moved to the Seattle area and lived with four other roommates in a large house with a goat. I had a blast living there and still miss them to this day.

I had been living on my own for a few years when I met my husband(now ex-husband) at the movies. We soon got married and moved to Southern California since he was Marine at the time. A few years later we had a baby boy and things got sour for us. I moved back home and we got divorced. I lived with my mom and step dad for a while and then moved into a little house to raise my son in.

Now its just me and little man and we are doing great. Watching him grow up has been a journey and there is still more to come. I can’t wait! I love being a mother and wouldn’t change it for the world.