A few small things


I have a few small things to share. That I’m going to combine into one blog.

First off my son got an award today at school. He was awarded student of the month. But being the shy little guy that he is he didn’t even get up off the floor to receive his award. The teacher had to go up to receive the award for him. Little man looked so confused. But when I got home he was super proud and he couldn’t stop talking about it.

Second,I have been working on a rather large writing project which I hope to have done by May. I can’t wait to share it. It’s coming along nicely.

Third, I have gotten back into making hemp necklaces and bracelets again. I had received a guitar pick and I wanted to do something creative with the pick so I decided to make a necklace for it and it turned out really awesome. I got so hooked that I made a few more necklaces. My friend saw the necklaces and asked if I would make some for her so I have been working on those recently. I finished one last night and I started one tonight. They are looking great!

And that all folks! I hope you enjoyed all the small things.


6 thoughts on “A few small things

  1. that sounds like a whole lot of good things going on. i teach kindergarten and pre-k, and am always happy to step in to help a child with accepting praise or participating in something. i was a very shy child and understand this well. as you described, the child is happy for what is happening, and proud, but just does not want to be the center of attention in front of a lot of people. your child has a kind teacher who understands this. ) beth

      • I have a child who is also super-shy and gets easily overwhelmed by loud noises and lots of activity. It was truly difficult when he was younger and teachers, school admins, did not understand what it was like for him. Thankfully, as he’s become an adult, he has developed strategies for both the shyness and the noise sensitivity. 🙂

      • Yes, I’m actually amazed at how well it has worked out, my son is 19 years old now, but I remember those days when he was 8, 10, 12, and wondering if he would be able to get through to adulthood! 🙂 Kudos!

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