“Ladies and gentleman the plane has just been hit by lightning and we are turning around and going back to the airport.” I hear the pilot of the plane say over the loud speaker.

That is how my recent trip to Maui started. I was a little scared yet annoyed. All I wanted to do was get to Maui for my sister’s wedding and now we have to turn around to where we started. Half an hour later we make it back to the airport and everybody on the plane quickly gets off the plane. We didn’t have to wait long to re board onto a different plane. The rest of ride went smoothly. I entertained myself by watching a movie and taking a short nap.

I step off the plane in Maui and I can feel the hot sun from inside the airport even though it was late at night I could still feel the sun and  it felt so good on my skin. I became instantly happy to finally be in place with hot sun. Walking through the airport the smile was permanent.

Having never been to Maui I some how didn’t picture a place with modern buildings and roads. I pictured more of rural area with beaches and palm trees. I was almost disappointment to see such a modern place. I guess I just thought I would step off the plane and see the beach and the ocean but instead was greeted with a shopping center and a highway.  Getting to the condo where my family was staying was just a drive on a long highway, which passed fields and modern buildings. Feeling very tired I was focused on keeping my eyes open and less on my surroundings.

The condo were we stayed was a small one bedroom, two bath space with a pull out couch in the living room. The kitchen was small with white counter tops and white tiles on the floor. The sliding glass door off the living room lead out side to a large grassy area and beyond that was the beach and the ocean. I slept on the pull out couch and where I feel asleep to the sound of the ocean dreaming of the moment when I could walk along the beach and feel the ocean on my feet.

I was awaken by  the cock-a-doodle-doo of the local rooster. It was so nice of him to wake us all up. Rushing out bed and into some clothes I ran out the sliding glass door all the way to the beach. I remember feeling so excited and over joyed when my feet hit the beach. The sand felt so warm beneath my feet and the water was so blue its hard to describe. I have never seen bluer water. I walked along where the water meets the sand just smiling and taking it all in. The sound of the ocean relaxed me and I felt at home and at one with the ocean. I spent about an hour just walking and smiling and feeling relaxed and calm. There is just something about the ocean that calms me. Its so peaceful.

My sister’s wedding was the next day and that’s when the real chaos started. My sister was running around barking orders to any one that would listen and everyone was running setting things up outside in the hot sun. The tables were dawned with white table clothes. A burlap fabric runner ran down the middle and white and gold plates finished off the look. Fresh flowers and candles made up the center piece. My sister looked amazing in her dress and she couldn’t stop smiling as she walked down the isle to the love of her life. The ceremony was very simple and included Hawaiian traditions. I tried to hold back tears but the waterworks just flowed out of my eyes. I was so happy for them. We danced the night away on the dance floor and after it was all over we all pitched in a cleaned up.

The next day was supposed to be the day on island or so we thought.  We spent the day exploring the island and going whale watching.  We headed to the airport later that afternoon and began our journey home. Our flight ended up being cancelled because the navigation system broke and they needed a part to fix it. They had to fly in a part from another island and by the time the part arrived the crew had run of legal working clock hours so they couldn’t work anymore. It was 2:30 in the morning the next day when they finally decided to tell us this. We were so tired and upset. The airline paid for all of the people to stay in hotel for that night. The next day we arranged a flight for 4pm. Everything went smoothing until we got on the plane and we were told that the navigation system still wasn’t working and they had to power down the plane and restart it. They restart the plane and the navigation system still doesn’t work so we had to get off the plane. I remember thinking this can’t be happening again and will I ever make it home.

After a couple of hours we managed to a flight to Portland, OR which is not home but we opted to rent a car and drive the rest of the way.  The flight to Portland was a red eye flight that got us to Portland, OR the next day.  I was filled with joy when the plane actually took off I actually shouted out loud. I managed little sleep while on the plane but not nearly enough. The drive home was long and I had to pull over several times to rest my eyes.

The excitement I had when I finally stepped into my house could have filled three football fields. My son was equally to be home. We crashed on the couch for the rest of the evening and watch TV in silence until it was time for bed.  The airline did provide vouchers towards future flights as a way to make up for all the crazyness.  Now to plan the next vacation.


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  1. What an adventure! I loved your descriptions of how you felt stepping into the beach, or walking through the airport in the warmth of the climate. I felt like I was there!

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