Week one done!


I survived the first week of work with a new system, new job title and in a new building. I was so stressed out going into the whole thing that I gave my self an anxiety attack, which lead to no sleep and more stress.

The first two days I spent only taking phone calls and making appointments. It was a bit nervous but I was amazed at how much I remembered from training oh so many weeks ago. There were little things I forgot how do like sending a telephone message to a doctor or nurse. Luck for us there was support staff around to answer any questions we had. The following days after I spent “checking patients in” or registration. Registration is a little more complex. There are so many steps to checking a person in it was mind blowing. I had learned how to in training but actually going threw the motions is a different thing.

Now that the week is over I feel way more confident in my new job and I’m excited to really start this journey. The new program allows us to do so many things with a click of a button, which is way better then having to write it down like we had to do before. Next week I’m back to making appointments, which I prefer and I’m very happy to be back there again.


Omg work pt. 3


Tomorrow is that last day we will be open to the public until move into our new building. Its such a bittersweet thing to think about. The doctors office I work at has been at the same building for what seems like forever and now that we have joined forces with the local hospital everything is going to change.

Over the weekend we will be working to be ready to open after the first of the year. We will go live with a new system and we will slowly say good bye to paper charts and start going more electronic. We hope to be able to provide the same high quality service to our patients but every single of us is scared. The providers keep trying to make things as smooth as possible but the stress level keeps rising as we get closer to move day.

I have only been working there for six years but I grew up there because my worked there as the business manager for almost 30 years. I have so many memories of going there as a kid even when I wasn’t sick. And now that I work there and I’m seeing the end I’m experiencing sadness and happiness at the same time. I’m sad because we won’t be the same small company helping the community and so much is going to change. Happy because the changes will be good for us in the long run and not having to deal with paper chars will be a god send.

I’m not fully ready for the change but I know I will get there. Here’s to a new leaf!

OMG work part 2


This week we started Epic training and I think my head is going to explode. For those of you who don’t know what Epic is, its an electronic medical record system that is used widely in through out the United States. Its a pretty complex program and it has taken all my concentration to learn it.

OK now that I have explained what Epic is let me paint you a picture. I work in a small office of about 30 people.There are four of us up front answering phone calls, making appointments and checking people in. This week two of us have been spending our mornings in training, while the other two are answering the phones, making appointments and checking people in. Then in the afternoon we return from training and everything is back to normal.

The office where I work is pretty busy so its really hard on the two people not training to keep up with everything, while we are at training. Things have gotten a little tense when we have come from training because the two people not a training like to get mad at us for being at training.  I can’t blame them for being a little on edge but don’t get upset at us because you think that being training was easier. I got news for you its not easier.

Today on top of everything else that has been going on at work a new person started today and my boss elects me to train her. I just got out of training myself and now she wants to me train someone. It took a long time for to adjust but I did it. I had never really trained someone before but I was saying all the right words and sounding like I had done this a million times. I hope I get the opportunity to train more people in the future. I had a good time today.

I know that the road is going to be a long one and maybe even a little bumpy but I hope that in the long run Epic will work out for us and make our work life’s a little easier. Because doing everything manually sucks!.



OMG work


Has been so stressful lately. I don’t even know where to begin.

Lets see… OK first I work a pediatric doctors office and its the only pediatric office within like 100 miles of where I live. The office has been independently owned and operated for like almost 50 years. We are a smaller office who sees like every kid in town. We still use paper charts we call our doctors by their first names when we see them in the hallway. All the medical staff is just a short walk down the hallway if I have question, while I am on the phone with a patient. Its really nice to be able to do that when I needed.

Anyway, the time has come for us to get electronic medical records(EMR) and move into the current century. But we can afford to get the system needed to have  EMR on our own, so we need to partner with someone. The hospital in town who also own several clinics has offered to merge with us so we can get EMR. It is going to be a huge change and everyone in the office is freaking out. A lot of my co-workers are considering other jobs and some have found them and are moving on, which means a few jobs have opened up.

One of the jobs that has opened up is referrals. I have an interest in this position but so does my co-worker who has worked for the company longer than I have. I have lots of skills which are perfect for the job but I don’t know if I will get it. My manager did ask me if I was ready to learn how to do referrals, which I responded with yes. The conversation went on from there but its a little complicated to explain.

The referrals job would be  a promotion for me, which I could use the extra the cash. The only problem is I don’t know if there is a pay raise for sure and if I am going to have enough time to learn the job as the person currently in the position is leaving in a week. Oh and I don’t know what the job will turn into once we merge with hospital. But deep down inside I really hope it works out. I really wan the chance to show everyone I can handle more responsibility.

Sorry this post is sorta all over the place. The situation is so complex its hard to explain if your not living it.

Ok so I lied…


I thought I was going to write everyday bu alas I haven’t kept my promise. I had tried several times to sit down and write but the words just wouldn’t come out. Then I thought maybe I’m trying to hard, I shouldn’t force myself to write I should want to write.

Then life happened and I caught up in the everyday going ons. Work has been really stressful and I’m sorta handling well but I’m starting to wonder if I need new job. I really like my job for the most part. The patients are usually great to see and watching the kids grow is always fun, but my new manager hasn’t been living up to the standards that we are used to.

About two months ago we got a new office manager at work. While I was sad to the old one leave I was excited to start a new leaf with the new one. That was until I noticed that I was getting yelled at in front of patients and co-workers for things that weren’t a big deal in the past. We as front office staff have many responsibilities which range from answering the phones and making appointments, getting charts ready for the next day and much much more. I have been yelled at for not making my charts for the next day a priority and for talking to a nurse about an appointment(all because I left my desk) and a few other things which I won’t mention. None of these things have been a problem in the past. However, my new manager hasn’t told us of these new standards, its like we are supposed to read her mind. Also she is not very good at communicating in general.

I’m really getting upset over this whole mess and have cried several times because I don’t fee like I am doing my job well. I have learned to make my charts for the next day a priority which doesn’t allow me to do another one of my many jobs very well. I have also learned not to leave my desk unless I absolutely have to. The mood at work has changed so much that its hard to go there every day. I used to look forward to it because the mood was always so happy and the manager was much more involved. The new manager is not that involved in everyday on goings and it makes everyday tasks hard.

I hope things change for the good soon or I maybe looking for new work.

I’m over the Measles


No I did not have the measles. We had two outbreaks in my small town and I work in a doctors office.

It all started last week on Wednesday. We had a parent bring their child into the clinic and the parent ended up having measles. The next day we had to call every patient that was in the clinic on Wednesday one hour before and two hours after the the parent was in our clinic. Oh and we received over one hundred phone calls from parents asking if their children had the MMR vaccine.

For those who you don’t know I work in the only pediatric clinic with in like 500 miles. We have three phone lines and four people answering them. So has you can imagine we were very busy and we only have 3 nurses on staff who had to call of those parents back. We managed to make it through and the next day we only 25 phone calls about the measles and we have continued to receive a few phone calls in the days since.

Then the second outbreak happens just this past Wednesday(a popular day for us). A five year old girl and her family come into the clinic to the see doctor in the afternoon. The next thing I know all the medical staff are walking around with worried looks on their faces and you can tell something is up. A second later I am being told that we are shutting the clinic down for the rest of the day and that we have to reschedule all the appointments for remainder of the day. Nobody was allowed in or out of the clinic and we had have someone outside to explain to patients why they couldn’t come inside.  We didn’t know at this point why we are shutting down just that we had a situation.  The doctors suspected that the five year old  had the measles but it would take 24 hours to know for sure.

There is a mad scramble to reschedule appointments. The energy has gone from calm to crazy all in 30 seconds. We all pitched in and everything went smoothly. We had to disinfected the whole clinic from top to bottom and make take note of every patient that was in the building while the five year old was in the building in case they had the measles.

The next day we were open for business has normal and while we received a few phone calls from angry parents wanting to know why we shut the clinic early the day before. We had been instructed not to say weather or not we had a measles outbreak because we didn’t know for sure. We could say that we had an infectious situation but nothing more. Parents were angry and some even threaten to leave our clinic but we pressed on.

This morning I walk into work and its confirmed that the five year old does have measles and that everyone that was in the clinic on Wednesday had been called and the health department is dealing with media and is going to provide us with more information has needed. I don’t work up front answering phones on Fridays so I didn’t have deal with the never ending phone calls but the mood in the clinic felt rushed as it  had before.

I sure hope we don’t have any more outbreaks and that the five year old and the parent that have measles get better soon and we can move on.

On a brighter note I purchased my plane ticket for Tulsa and I’m so excited. I can’t wait for May!

Taking a break from digging


I am taking a break from digging to bring you this breaking story.

I need a new job. There I said it. I need a new job. I feel I have out grown my current job as a Medical Office Assistant. Its starting to feel like a dead end job. I have been at my current job for a little over three years and while working with my mother can have its challenges, it hasn’t been that bad, for the most part.

I arrive at work on time every day and I walk down the same hallways and say Hi to the same people and we make small talk about the same things. I then go my desk and proceed to turn on the computers, yes I have two computers and only one monitor. I log into the scheduler and look over the days appointments to see what kind of a day I am in for. I then make my way to the fax machine and pull off the pieces of paper that have been waiting all night, which is anything from triage reports to medication refill requests. I have to then go and find the charts for all the patients for which I have faxes for. Which sometimes requires a chart hunt, which is looking anywhere and everywhere for a chart.

Once I have hunted down all the charts it is time to start taking phone calls. We are a pretty busy office, since we are the only pediatric doctors office within maybe 100 miles. We try very hard to get patients in on the same day so most of my phone calls are just that, making appointments for the same day. I do answer many questions or direct them to the right department.

When the phones finally  get turned off the cleaning of the aftermath ensues. Which usually only takes a few minutes and then its off to go pick up my son from daycare. I go back and do the same thing day after day. I know that all jobs are like that but I want to go into business for myself doing something I love. I’m just not sure what that is or how I am going to achieve this goal.

I have always felt like I was a creative person and have wanted to do something creative but have never really gone after that. I always just chose the safe option and do something I know will make money.

Over the next few months or year I am going to really think about what I want to do and do it. Wish me luck.

Oh and the digging to Tulsa has slowed down a little. I have started to look at flights but haven’t really spent a lot of time looking. I’m still waiting for more details about the event and trying to save money before I purchase a flight. I am still really excited and can’t wait. I will be sure and keep you updated.