Lazy day Sunday


Sundays have always been the day where we never did anything growing up and I have continued to do with my son. We hang out and watch movies or play a game. Today we are going to watch Finding Nemo. One of my son’s favorite movies. He tells me he wants popcorn and chips. So popcorn and chips is it! We will snuggle on the couch for hours and watch the movie just as quiet as can be.  I love spending time with little man, he is always so happy and easy going most of the time. During the week we don’t get to spend much time together due to school and work but Sundays we get to spend the whole day together just having fun.


Sunday=cookie time


Hello Sunday, how I love you. Even though my son woke up at 4am which would have been 5am but with the clocks going back an hour, he got confused. Oh well such is life. As all of you know I love Sundays and I never do anything on Sunday, except the necessary things. Today will be no different. I plan on making a pancake breakfast and we are going to eat it in the living room in front of TV, yes we are going to break the rules just this once.shhh don’t tell anybody. I might even break the rules even further and bake chocolate chip cookies. I love baking and do so has often as possible. Not to brag but I make the best chocolate chip cookies. While I follow the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag I do change a few things.

You know the recipe I am talking about. I found a picture of the recipe online. Thank you Google.


As you can see the recipe tells you to mix the ingredients in different bowls. I disregard that and I just mix all the ingredients in one big bowl. The recipe calls for the butter to be softened, I melt my butter. Yes you heard me I melt the butter. I use the same amount that the recipe calls for. I just melt the butter in the microwave. I melt my butte first after I preheat the oven. While the butter is melting I put all the other ingredients in the bowl except the chocolate chips. I don’t stir. When the butter is done I add the butter to the other ingredients and then I stir. When I get all the ingredients stirred. I have to add more flour. Now here is the tricky part because there is no magic amount of extra flour to add. You just can’t add to much or you will ruin the dough. USUALLY its about a cup more, BUT not always. After I mix in the extra flour I then add the chocolate chips and nuts  if I desire. I hardly ever add the nuts. I then take a spoon and just drop the dough onto a cookie sheet and bake as directed. The cookies don’t come out flat like they would if I had followed the recipe as they have it written they come out more raised and thicker. Here is a picture of the finished cookies. cookies

Keep in mind they can be a little drier then normal chocolate chip cookies if you go crazy with extra flour. Well I am off to go make pancakes I hope all have a great day. Happy Sunday!

What a good day


Not only did I get nominated for the Sunshine award but my blog reached  500 likes and I got to spend the day with little man. I am very thankful for the award and for the likes. When I started this blog I only hoped it reach a few people, mainly my family I never thought I would win awards and that so many people would like what I write. I have only been blogging for almost 5 months and I have meet so many awesome people and have read so many great blogs, I can only hope to continue to have success and maybe one day get Freshly Pressed. But enough about that. Today was great because I got I to spend the only the day with my son. He chased me outside and squirted me with the water gun and he thought he was so funny. We also read books, played games and watched a move. And then pretty soon it will be time to get ready for bed and I will have some time to myself. I hope you all had a great day and  thanks again for following my blog.



I love Sundays. It has always been a day of rest for me. I know people always say that, but for me they really are. The whole day has a slower pace and the energy is calming in a way. Monday threw Saturday feel almost rushed to me. On a typical day I get up early and you can almost feel the intense need to hurry and get out the door. Not on Sundays. Its the one day I don’t set the alarm and my son always sleeps in and I can wake up slowly and actually enjoy my morning,without feeling like I have to rush to get somewhere.

Today my sister is in town so we are have breakfast at my parents house. I love when my sister comes to town. We don’t see each other often all because we live a few hours apart. We did see each other yesterday for the memorial, but day hopefully we can do something fun after breakfast. Well I hope you all have a great Sunday.