Daily Prompt:Cheering Section


Do you have a mentor? Tell us about him or her. Are you a mentor to someone else? Tell us what that relationship has added to your life.

I do have a mentor and they know who they are. I always turn to this person for advice or just to rant to. I have a very deep and personal relationship with this person. If you are familiar with Greys Anatomy this person is “my person” meaning that they are the one person that knows me best and I know them best. We know what each other is thinking and can almost finish each others sentences. We are there for each other when we needed most.

Having this person be a part of my life has done wonders for me. They have helped me through some pretty hard times and they always have a shoulder to cry to on. They are there for happy times too and always lends a hand. I’m sure having me in their life has been a great help to them as well. We will always have that special bond that no one else with understand and that no one can break. I wish everyone could have a relationship like me and “my person” because everyone needs that one person that they can tell anything to and that person won’t judge and then will offer the best advice.

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Old MacDonald


The Daily Prompt has asked: What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?


The last thing I searched for online was for an app called Old MacDonald by the Duck Duck Moose,Inc. I was searching for information on it because I heard it was a great app for kids. I found some info and liked what I saw so I downloaded the app to the my phone and my three old loves it. My three old loves cows and there are cows in the app that you can “click” on and one will do a flip and another will get beamed up by a space ship. My son laughs and laughs at the cows. There is even a cow driving a tracker, you can move the tracker with your finger and through out the app the song Old MacDonald had a farm is playing, which makes the app even more fun. I discovered the app while at the doctors. My son wasn’t feeling well and I thought he had an ear infection so off to the doctor. While in the room the doctor hands my son her phone with app on it and tells him he can play with it while she checks him out. He was so entertained by the app that he didn’t mind that she was looking in his ears and listening to his lungs. My son liked it because he got to play with something he liked and he got to hold a phone that actually did something, which is rare for him. I highly recommend the app for those parents who want to keep their little kid entertained.  Go Here to look at the description and screenshots from the app.


The Golden hour


6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

I am usually up well before 6:00AM since my three year  old doesn’t know how to sleep in. However today he managed to sleep in. I actually don’t mind getting up early, as I am a morning person and I like to have enough time to get ready in the morning and to be able to get to work on time. Since my body is so used to getting up at a certain time, I hardly ever set the alarm clock, my inner clock naturally wakes up at the same time every day. On the days when I don’t have to get up at that certain time I am able to go back to sleep provided that my son isn’t awake.

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No words


The words are stuck in my throat.

I can’t get them out.

I open my mouth to speak and nothing comes out.

Instead I let the silence take over.

I hate the silence.

Speak. Just open your mouth and speak.

What are you waiting for?

You have practiced the words many times.

Just tell him you don’t want to.

You can’t marry him.

You thought you could but standing at the alter just now you have changed your mind.

Coward… You ran away with no reason.

Will he understand?

Today’s Daily Prompt: Tell us about a time you couldn’t quite get your words or images to express what you wanted to express. What do you think the barrier was? For bonus points, try again.

****The event depicted in the poem didn’t actually happen to me.**** The prompt inspired the poem.

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Daily Prompt:As seen on TV


Write a script for a late-night infomercial — where the product is your blog. How do you market yourself? What qualities do you embody that other “products” don’t? What are the benefits of reading your blog?

I am not a huge fan of infomercials nor am I very good at selling myself but I will try and  tell you why I think you will like reading my blog. My blog Motherhood and Beyond is a place where I share my experiences and life adventures.  I am a single mother of a three year old and every day is adventure. Like just yesterday while taking my son to preschool I got held up in an impromptu meeting with the schools physical therapist. He tells me that when he was evaluating my son he feel six times and was having trouble staying focused. He recommended a pressure vest,which little man wears at school, to have at home. I told him I would have to think about it. I know my son has some developmental problems but sometimes I just can’t handle it. OK well now that I have told you all a story. I hope you stick around and follow my blog. And feel free to share your own stories.

Inspired by the Daily Prompt


Time is the new capturing


Click over to your favorite blog, and pick out the 4th and 14th words (that aren’t “the” or “an”). Drop them into this phrase:

“_____ is the new _____.”

There’s your post title. Now write!

Daily Prompt

This was the better of words in my favorite blog that  I looked at while trying to figure out if I was going to this prompt. I went with those words because I thought I could write something worth reading about them but I have been sitting here for ten minutes writing and deleting everything I have come up with. It seems I have nothing to write about. Although I guess that phrase could be true in a twisted backward sorta way. I’m just not sure how. This prompt proved to be harder then I thought.  Sorry I don’t have anything profound to write.

Daily Prompt: Release me


The Daily Prompt asks us to tell them about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free.

I had written a song about a Grandfather figure of mine that had past away. I wanted to share the song with people so I posted it to a old blog of mine. There was one person I really wanted to see it, a friend who is involved in the music business, so I gave him the link and waited to see what he had to say. I waited and waited. Finally after several days I sent him a text and asked if he had looked at it. He had and he really liked it. I was so excited to know that he had looked at and that he liked. I was nervous before because I wasn’t sure if it was any good. But after knowing what my friend thought it gave the confidence I needed to share it with more people. I know I have posted here before but I will post it again so you know what I am talking about. The song doesn’t have a title but if you know of a good one let me know.



If only I could have one more moment with you.

I would tell you that I love you and to never leave me.

I don’t think I am ready, you say you are but I can tell your not.

You look me in my eye and say.

Don’t go crying any tears

I will be watching for always.

Don’t go crying any tears

I will be watching for always.

You lay your head down and start to close your eyes.

I watch in silence for a moment and start to walk away.

Suddenly you say stay.. I don’t want lose you.

Don’t go crying any tears

I will be watching for always.

Don’t go crying any tears

I will be watching for always.

You won’t lose me I am here for you always.

You taught me how to love and how to forgive.

You are my everything.

You close your eyes and I know its over.

Don’t go crying any tears

I will be watching for always.

Don’t go crying any tears

I will be watching for always.

I will be watching for always.

I will be watching for always

I will be watching for always.

I will be watching for always.

Home Sick: flash fiction


Alice had been gone for far too long. She longed to be back home with her family,smelling her mom’s cooking and listening to her father play the harmonica She moved away hoping to start over and make things better, but she just wanted things to go back to the way they were. She had made new friends and had found a great job and even a boyfriend or two but yet she still wasn’t happy. All her friends could see in her eyes that she wasn’t happy and they told her to visit her family.”No” she would tell them. I just can’t you don’t understand. “Make us understand.” they would say. “You wouldn’t understand.” Alice would mumble back.

Alice had been really close to her Grandpa, who used to live with the family until he suddenly passed away. Alice was heart broken. She didn’t know how she was going to go on. Her mother tried to comfort her and say “He’s in a better place and he isn’t suffering anymore.” But that didn’t help. Alice needed a change. She couldn’t watch her mother be happy on the outside and sad on the inside. And her dad just the same. Her parents seemed to just move on like nothing happened. Alice knew she had to do something.

“I’m moving away.” Alice announced one day. “I need a change.” Her parents were shocked. They didn’t say anything but “If you think its best, we wish you all the luck.” Alice packed up her things and moved to the city. She found a place to live and started to look for a new job. She was surprised to find one quickly. Working in an office answering the phones. She quickly made friends with the other ladies in the office and she was feeling pretty good about herself. Until after a year  of being in the city, she was starting to feel home sick.

She realized that her moving away was not solving any problems and she needed to do something about it. She picked up the phone and called her mom. “Hello, mom.”

“Alice! It is so nice to hear your voice.”

“Mom I want to come for a visit.”

“Oh sure honey, anytime.”

“How about next weekend?”

“We can’t wait.”

Alice hung up the phone and wondered if that was the right thing to do.

Inspired by the Daily Post.

When you’re away from home, what person, thing, or place do you miss the most?



Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.

The people I consider to be my community already read my blog. In fact just the other day my mom said she really enjoys reading my blog and she can see how much I enjoy I writing it. Other friends have said things similar to my mom. It makes me feel good to know that people I care about are enjoying my blog. The people around me are very supportive and loving.

I started this blog for me, a place to share stories and ideas with people outside of my community and I have enjoyed every minute of it. When I look back at my first posts and then at recent posts I can see that my writing as evolved in just the short time I have had this blog. And I have met so many wonderful people and have read so many great blogs, which provide inspiration on a daily basis. So thank you to everyone for supporting me and my blog.

Inspired by the Daily Post