A day at the Tacoma Children’s Museum


Since my son’s birthday is tomorrow, I decided to do something special today since I have to work tomorrow. I had some ideas but one day I was talking to Grandma and she mentioned the Children’s Museum. I quickly googled it and soon fell in love. A whole museum just for kids. Actually its not your typical museum, there is no art on the wall to stare at and its not quiet, its very loud and there is tons of fun to be had.

We walked and you pay a donation of your choosing and you can leave your things in a locker if you choose. We paid a small donation and walked into a huge room with lots of kids. The first thing we saw was climbing structure that looked like a house. There was a small kitchen and a bridge linking to another space with a telephone and other fake household items. Little man walked back and forth over the bridge and then would go up and the steps leading down to a water area.

In the water area you put on blue vest type thing to keep you dry. There are tubs filled with water and water toys. The kids can play with toys and splash around. There was big water fall structure that flowed water non stop into the tubs and there was knobs that the kids could turn and make the water go slower or faster. Here are some pictures of the water area.

childrensmuseum_waterWhen little man was done with the water, we moved on to a room filed with music makers, tables for drawing and even a dress up area. Little man enjoyed making music best. He would bang on the hand drum and shake the bells just waiting for someone to join in. Then would when someone would join in he was bang or shake louder and louder. All with a huge smile on his face. I have never seen him have so much fun. Here are some pictures of the him making music.


When little man was done making music he moved to a huge room with structure shaped like a ship and another structure with a slide and a little area underneath filled with pillows. On the other end of the huge room was an awesome thing where you could be a ball(which was soft) into a maze of plastic tubes and a the balls would get sucked up and moved about the maze and then shoot out at you. Little loved this. He also loved being able to climb the ship and go down slide whenever he wanted. The museum is the type place where kids and wonder around to which ever activity they want with out parents worrying about them. Parents to have to stay with their kids but for the most part I just followed little man around and had fan with him. Here are the last of my pictures. I took some of the different structures so that I could start something like this in my town.



What does the kid say?


I found this video first on Facebook and I thought it was very funny. It’s a parody of the What does a fox say? video. Every parent I’m sure feels like this mom in the video. Let me know what you think.

Me vs. my family


I should really speak up one of these days. I love my family but my son has a mother and that’s me. I am a good mother and I know my son best, so why is that every time my family gets together I feel like my son has ten mothers. Because when my son acts out in any way, almost every person in the room feels the need to “help” me by offering their opinion on how to fix the problem. And most the time I don’t even get to handle the problem before someone else has jumped in and fixed it for me. I hate that.

Every year I say I am not going to let the above happen and it does. My sister is the worse and she doesn’t even have kids. She is so cut and dry sometimes that it drives me nuts. Her personality is stronger than mine and I should tell her to back off but I don’t. I love my sister and she is a wonderful aunt to my son and she just wants whats best but sometimes she needs to learn to back off and let me be my son’s mother.

I may not always handle the problem in the best way but I know what I am doing and I know how to handle my son. Does anybody know what I am talking about? Ever had this happen to you? I apologize for venting but I needed to get this off my chest.

Motherhood and Beyond is on Facebook


I have created a Facebook page where people can discuss motherhood, fatherhood or grandparent hood or any other form of parent hood out there. The page and the blog have the same name but are not really connected. I will not share blog posts on the page. I wanted to be able to share the Facebook page with everyone, so here is the link Motherhood And Beyond Facebook Page

To the moon and back


Grandma told my son that she loves him to the moon and back. Little man thought it was funny and so out of nowhere he will just blurt out to the moon and back. He says it really fast and points to the moon and then the ground. I wish I could record it and share it with you all, its just too cute. Now every time he sees Grandma he says to the moon and back and they both laugh. Also lately my son has been very interested in the moon. It all started on thanksgiving when we all went searching for the moon. Its quite funny to see a bunch of adults and one very curious three old searching for the moon. They even have their hands on their foreheads and moving their heads side to side saying moon where are you. It was so cute. Sitting here now I wish I had video. Maybe next time.

Of course every night my son has to go searching for the moon and sometimes during the day. But during the day I started telling him that the moon sleeps. So he started saying moon sleeps mommy. Yes little man the moon sleeps. We hadn’t seen the moon at night for a few days and then one he spotted it and went crazy. He wanted to stay outside and admire the moon. We stayed for a few minutes and I had bribe him to come back inside. He then wanted to read Good Night Moon. He fell asleep as I was almost done. It was so cute.

Today I picked him up from daycare and we got in the car and he turns to me and says mommy I’m tired. I said did you have hard day? I’m tired mommy. Ok your tired lets go home and we can relax. A big smile emerged from his face. I couldn’t get home fast enough. He got home and ran to the house and once inside he just melted to the floor. He shouted HOME! Little man loves being home and I love being home with him. Tomorrow is my day off so will get to stay home. He will love that.

I just had to share those cute little stories with you. And yes little man I love you to the moon and back. Goodnight.

Birthday Fun


Today was a pretty good day. It started off slow and then it picked up a little in the afternoon. We went bowling, which little man had never done before. It was fun watching him get excited about throwing the ball down the lane. brandon_bowlingSorry its a little blurry, but the above picture is little man and grandma bowling. Little man did pretty good for his first time. He got a strike! He did have a hard time waiting his turn,so we had to find ways to keep entertained while he waited.  Grandpa ended up winning, Grandma came in second, I came in third and little man came in last. But it doesn’t really matter because we had such a great time. Here are a few pictures of Grandpa and Grandma bowling.

grandma_bowling grandpa_bowlingAfter bowling we went back Grandpa and Grandma’s house and we had stuffed shells for dinner. The shells were stuffed with sausage,tons of cheese and spinach. There was a fruit salad and bread sticks to round out the meal. Here is a picture of the shells.

bdaydinnerThen comes the best part, the cake. I requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. And my mom delivered. There was even chocolate ice cream.

bdaycakeEverything was so yummy and I had a great day with my family, I had a great year and now its time for another to begin. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds. I hope everyone else had a great day and thank you for all the birthday wishes.


Happy Halloween


happy-halloween-house-wallpaperHappy Halloween to everyone in the blogging world. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful time. I am not huge into Halloween but I did get little man a costume and he tried it on earlier this morning and he looked so cute. 1418249_10201823070571392_1868893918_nLater today we are going downtown to trick or treat the local shops. Every year the local shops allow the children to trick or treat them during the day. Its a safe way for little children to enjoy Halloween. And then when night falls me and little man will pass out  candy to all the children who come by. We will watch a Halloween movie in hopes of having a relaxing night. I hope you all have a wonderful night and stay safe.