A little update 


Hey everybody out there in blogging world. Oh how I have missed you. About a long ago I decided to bring the blog back to life. I forgot how much I loved writing and the community here on WordPress. 

I am working on a few new blogs that will be posted in the future. But for now just little update. 

Work has continued to be crazy. We are still getting used to our new system and the new way of doing things. Our patients aren’t taking it very well which is making our jobs harder. I hope this change is good in the long run. But right now I’m not so sure. Like today we are having to telling patients that we are no longer having same day appointments being seen at our current location because the new walk in clinic opened and the hospital decided that’s what is best for our patients. When in the past they could just call us and we would get their child seen at our clinic on the same day. Has a parent the new way of doing things makes me very upset. Now instead of calling and getting my child seen by his doctor I have to take him to the walk on clinic if I need him seen urgently on the same day. I feel bad for having to tell parents that we can’t see their child. I really hope the hospital finds a better solution but I’m not hopeful. 


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