The mountain(flash fiction)


I finally made it to the top of the mountain. Deep blue sky for as far as the eye could see and the warmth of the sun touching down my skin, it felt so good. I even started to smile. But I wasn’t here to smile, I was here to scream. Let’s get this over with. I open mouth and let out the biggest scream, I could hear it echoing off in the distance. Man that felt good. I felt alive and the biggest smile came over my face. I was free.

For years I was the responsible adult who worked too much and did adult things like balancing a check book and grocery shopping with coupons. I could spot the best deals from miles away. Then one day I woke up from a dream and decided I needed a change. I hated my life, it was boring and needed some fun. So I packed a backpack full of everything I might need and got my in car and just drove. I drove until I couldn’t drive any longer and when I stopped to look around, I had driven directly to the mountains.

Quickly getting out the car and trying to focus on the task at hand. My mind was racing with a million thoughts and it was hard to focus. But I had one mission: climb to the top of the tallest mountain and scream.

The climb started out pretty easy with only a few round rocks in the way. As I climbed higher  and higher more and more rocks showed up making it difficult to climb, but I wasn’t going to give up. I was determined to reach the top. I needed to reach the top.

And now that I am standing on the very top and I have let out my scream and I’m feeling alive. I need to do something. I start digging through my backpack to see what I have. I find some chalk. Chalk? What is that doing in there? Oh who cares!  I sit down on the nearest rock and start drawing the mountains and the deep blue skies around me. I haven’t drawn anything in a while an it felt good to be doing something that makes me happy. I finish the drawing and decided to head back down. The climb back down doesn’t take nearly as long as going up did. Once my feet are firmly planted back on the ground, I start to a little sad inside and a few tears roll down my face. I wipe my tears away and start my journey home.