Work life


Aww the silence of the night. I love sitting in my house and listening to the silence. It gives me a chance to think, mostly about my day. Today was tough at first and I wasn’t sure if it was going to get better, but it did.

One of my first phone calls this morning was from a very upset mom of a ten year old boy. The mom started the conversation by telling me she is very upset with our clinic that she is ready to report us. I nicely ask her what happened? Big mistake I got an ear full. I can’t tell you what she wanted her son to be seen for but it was very important to her. After she was done ranting as I call it. I said I’m sorry that things didn’t go as planned and that I was not authorized to make the type of appointment she wanted for her son. I would have to leave a message for the nurse who makes the type of appointment she wanted. The mom didn’t like that answer. At this point she is swearing at me and telling me that our clinic doesn’t care about her son and that if she doesn’t hear back from the nurse she is leaving our clinic and she is going to report us. She also wanted to talk to our manager. Our manager was not in the office today, strike three for us. I offered to transfer her to our managers voice mail but the mom wanted to actually speak with our manager face to face. The mom started to swear at me again after I told her that the manager was not there. I sternly told the mom to stop swearing at me and that I am trying to help her. She continued to swear and at that point I just hung up. I don’t need that abuse.

I feared she would call back and yell at me for hanging up on her but she never did. The rest of my phone calls for the day were nothing compared to that one .But it stuck with me all day. Not because I was upset over it but because that mom did exactly what you don’t do when calling a business and requesting a service. That behavior only makes me not want to help her or if was able to give her appointment I would have picked a date way in the future and told her that was the soonest we had for that type of appointment. Some would say that is mean of me to do but I don’t deserve that type of abuse. Well, tomorrow is a new day and even tho I had a tough morning I still left work with a smile on my face.