Week one done!


I survived the first week of work with a new system, new job title and in a new building. I was so stressed out going into the whole thing that I gave my self an anxiety attack, which lead to no sleep and more stress.

The first two days I spent only taking phone calls and making appointments. It was a bit nervous but I was amazed at how much I remembered from training oh so many weeks ago. There were little things I forgot how do like sending a telephone message to a doctor or nurse. Luck for us there was support staff around to answer any questions we had. The following days after I spent “checking patients in” or registration. Registration is a little more complex. There are so many steps to checking a person in it was mind blowing. I had learned how to in training but actually going threw the motions is a different thing.

Now that the week is over I feel way more confident in my new job and I’m excited to really start this journey. The new program allows us to do so many things with a click of a button, which is way better then having to write it down like we had to do before. Next week I’m back to making appointments, which I prefer and I’m very happy to be back there again.