Daily Prompt: Year


That past year sure has been a crazy one. It started off with a trip to Disneyland which lead to having an emergency surgery and being off work for two weeks. Many changes at work happened and the biggest one is taking place in a mere day. I rekindled this blog and hope to continue to make it grow again. I made new friends, which are like family to me.

The new year has just started and I have many exciting things to look forward to. My sister is getting married in April and she has chosen Hawaii as the spot. I’m very excited for her and it will be my first time to Hawaii. In May it will be 2o years since I fell in love with my favorite band every year they hold a huge celebration in their hometown and I am making the trip this year for the second time. It will be a celebration to end all celebrations and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I also have a few other wonderful things happening this year but I can’t talk about those just yet.

Here is a too a great 2017 and the memories that we will create!



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