A life’s journey


I have told you a little about me in the past but I thought I would share a little more.


I was born in Southern Washington State to a sixteen year old girl. She knew she couldn’t provide a life for me that I deserved so she decided to give me up for adoption. I was adopted by two loving people who lived in Alaska, at the time. Later I found out that my birth mother got to pick the couple and she couldn’t have picked two better people.

Three years later my parents adopted another baby girl and our family grow a little. We moved from Alaska to the Seattle area before settling where I currently live. Growing up in a small town was not something I loved. A place where every body knows each other and knows all your business, not for me.

I remember starting Kindergarten in the middle of year and being scared out of mind. The teacher was mean too. She slapped my hand once because I tried to touch one of those little bells. I soon made friends and school wasn’t so tough anymore. The one nice thing about living in a small town is that some of the kids I met in Kindergarten I still had classes with in High School. It was fun to have known them for all those years.

Right after High School my parents got divorced and my mom got re married. My dad moved away and we tried to stay in touch but now we never talk. Shortly after my mom got re married I moved to the Seattle area and lived with four other roommates in a large house with a goat. I had a blast living there and still miss them to this day.

I had been living on my own for a few years when I met my husband(now ex-husband) at the movies. We soon got married and moved to Southern California since he was Marine at the time. A few years later we had a baby boy and things got sour for us. I moved back home and we got divorced. I lived with my mom and step dad for a while and then moved into a little house to raise my son in.

Now its just me and little man and we are doing great. Watching him grow up has been a journey and there is still more to come. I can’t wait! I love being a mother and wouldn’t change it for the world.