A look back


This time of year I always like to look back at the past year. Here is a recap of my year.

In January I took my son to Disneyland for his sixth birthday. He had a blast and still asks when he is going back.

February brought emergency gallbladder surgery and a three day stay in the hospital. And two weeks at home recovering.

March flew by without a hitch!

In April I saw Paul McCartney in concert! If you haven’t seen him in concert you must go.

In May  I celebrated 19 years of being a Hanson fan and shared memories with fans from the past. And six years of being a mother to the best little boy!

June seemed to fly by.

July was a tough month for work. I wish I could say its gotten better but that would be a lie.

August was filled with more work drama. YUCK!

September was the start of the broadcasting fun! If you haven’t already come check out younow or krue.tv and get in on the fun.

October more broadcasting fun and I get back into blogging.

November I celebrated a birthday, more broadcasting fun and work drama.

December the broadcasting fun still continues, my blog is taking off again and the work drama just won’t go away.

With a week left of 2016 there is still time to create memories. Let’s hope that 2017 brings more joy and happiness.