1,440 hours in my day


I wish there were that many hours in my day. This time of year always sneaks up me. Not that I don’t like looking for for the perfect gift, wrapping presents, making cookies, decorating the Christmas tree and everything else in between. I just don’t ever seem to think about all this stuff months before.

One of these years I really going to start Christmas shopping months before. I know I say it every year and every year I wait until the last possible minute. This year I waited until the last possible minute and I’m not even done yet. Christmas is less then a week away, whatever am I going to do? How about not worry so much about the presents and focus on what really matters, spending time with my family and friends and the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is a time to be around family and friends enjoying one another. Sharing stories, singing songs or doing whatever makes you happy. Its not about the presents you receive or the presents you are giving or even who has the most presents. Be happy for the small things in life and it will make you love the big things even more.