Floating again


I posted this three years ago and decided to bring it back. Enjoy!


cuba-trinidad-caribbean-sea-playa-ancon-woman-floating-on-clear-water-shadow-1-my1I’m light as a feather and I don’t have a care in the world. That is the thought that goes through my head as I float around in the pool. It’s a hot day outside, almost too hot. That is how I ended up in the pool. I couldn’t take the heat. I love being in the pool, so crystal clear and cool to the touch. I can swim laps or I can just lie on my  back and let the pool take me where ever I want. Floating around is my favorite thing to do. I can forget about Danny and school and even the mean girls. I can clear my head and forget about all the bad stuff in my life right now.

A few days ago Danny and I were madly in love and we had planned on going to the fall dance together, that is until I found him kissing my best friend. I was so angry I cried. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to walk away. I confronted Danny later and asked how he could do such a horrible thing? Don’t you love anymore? All he could do was stare. I screamed how could you just stand there and not have anything to say? More staring. Fine I’m done you can go to the dance with her. I don’t care. I stormed off and cried under the big oak tree at the park.  After a few minutes I dried my tears and went home.

The next day I didn’t want to get out of bed. I couldn’t face him. School seemed unimportant and I didn’t see the point. My heart was broken and that’s the only thing that matter. My mom disagreed and ordered me to get out of bed and stop moping around. I knew better then to ignore my mom, so I slowly got out of bed and grabbed some clothes and headed to the shower. I let the warm water fall over me and soon I felt better. Something about water does that to me. I went downstairs and poured a bowl of Captain Crunch and savored the flavor. Time to catch the bus. I hate the bus. The mean girls were always there to say something to send me into a frenzy and Danny will be there. There was no escaping him. What was I suppose to say to him? Did he want me to say something? I decided to not say anything.  Longest bus ride ever. Finally we made it to school I ran off the bus so fast you’d  think something was chasing me.  I went to my first class and tried to concrete. The next  six hours were going to be torture. Danny and I have two classes together and we are lab partners in Chemistry.  I needed something to get me through this day. I started to think about being in the pool, just floating around and not having a care in the world. I needed to be in the pool. I closed my eyes and pictured the pool, the cool water and the sounds of the water floating by me. And when I opened my eyes I am right back at the pool, where I have been all a long. I swim over to the edge and pull myself out the pool, grabbed my towel and walked back into the house.

Inspired my the daily post.