The Slow Drag


Its really  easy for me to fall head over heels for music because I love it so much and when I find an artist that inspires me I hold on. I did just that three years ago when I discovered The Slow Drag. 

Austin, the sole member of the band has created a sound that is as unique as he is. Each song is an experience which lets you create your own interpretation, which is one of the reasons I love his music so much. I love creating my own connections to songs. Which makes me love the songs even more. 

As much as I love Austin’s music I love his personality even more. He is full of sarcasm, charm and boy is he good lookin. But my  favorite thing about him is his ability to make everyone feel special and that he really gets invested in everyone.  I admire that in him. 

Now back to the music. You wouldn’t think by looking at Austin that he would be into playing pop rock songs. He sports a slammin moehawk and has a unique sense of style. Ok I know what your thinking dont just a book by it’s cover but when I first saw Austin I didn’t expect him to sing and play those types of songs. I was expecting punk or alternative. Needless to say I was surprised. 

The first time I saw Austin was actually when his band Everybody Else opened for Hanson. I didn’t know at the time he was in the band and after that night I sorta forgot about Everybody Else. Then one day I was looking through Facebook and I see my friend talking about this guy named Austin and how she had been to a stageit show. I thought wow that sounds cool so I checked him out. And I fell in love. I have continued to love his music and look forward to many more years.  

The Slow Drag has recently started broadcasting live on serveral broadcasting sites such has and if you want to catch a live show check him out. Just search theslowdrag on those sites.  You won’t be disappointed.