Oh Christmas tree


img_0627 Last weekend we traveled to the cut your own Christmas tree farm and wondered around until we found the perfect tree. We get it home, haul it inside and get it all setup. Its standing in the living room looking royal. I don’t decorate right away because I have to be in the right mood. Over the next few hours the tree stands in the living still looking royal and then all of the sudden it just falls over. I try and lift it up myself but I can’t get a good grip and I end up calling my mom and asking her to come help me.

My mom comes over and we hoist the tree back up to regain its royal status. Everything seems fine. I go to bed and wake up to a surprise. The darn tree has falling over again. I call my mom and she is determined at this point to get the tree to stand up. She goes to the store and gets heavy duty fishing line so we can tie the tree to the wall. We secure the tree to the wall and once again a few hours go by and the tree falls over again. Super determined this time, my mom suggests that a bigger stand is needed. Off to the store she goes. She comes back with a bigger stand and more determined then ever. We start to lift the tree from the current stand and we can’t figure out why its not coming out. Well duh we forgot to untie it from the wall. Cutting the fishing line never felt so good. We get the tree into the new stand and finally the tree is standing and it seems secure. Only time will tell at this point.

Next comes getting all the tree needles off the floor. The vacuum seems like the logical choice or so we thought. The vacuum doesn’t want to pick up the tree needles. After close examination we notice that one of my son’s action figures is stuck in the vacuum. No wonder the vacuum didn’t want to work. I start to try and figure out how to take a parrt the vacuum. Not has easy as it looks. Realizing that a screwdriver is needed to unscrew the base, we locate a screwdriver and get to work. After a few minutes the action figure is freed! Now for the hard part, putting the vacuum back together. I only took two screws out and laid them on the carpet next to me, now you would think that I could easily find these screws, oh no that was not the case. We looked everywhere for them and after a few minutes decided to use different screws and then looked down to see the other ones right there in front of me, where I had left them. After quickly getting the vacuum back together, it is time to clean up the tree needles. Yay the vacuum worked!! NO more tree needles. I had never been so happy to finally be done with putting up a Christmas tree. The tree has not fallen over since and it now has pretty blue lights and soon it will have beautiful ornaments adorning it.