I have been missing you today. I hope your looking down on me and smiling. I keep your picture on my fridge and I look at everyday. You look so happy and content. That is how I want to remember you by.

“Do you want some roast?” will forever be the best inside in joke of all time and I have you to thank for that. You always made me smile and for that I’m also grateful. Your passion for cooking, changed my sisters life and inspired her to a career in cooking. Words can’t express how she feels about that. Thank you for everything you shared with us. We will always be thankful.

I love the way you would play the piano randomly for hours and sing all your favorite songs. I can still hear you playing and singing. So many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. I wish my son had gotten to know you better, he would love you. But I know you are looking down on us and knowing that makes me feel safe.

I love you Frank and wish you were still here. God bless you.