*Author’s note the following is fiction*


I love you. Those three words didn’t matter anymore. We had fallen out of love and ventured into hate. It’s hard to pick up the pieces after you just put them back together.

Kevin and I grew up together and were High School sweet hearts. We parted when we went to different colleges and came together again a short time after college. It was like our love had never died. We seemed to pick right back up were we left off. He would buy me flowers for no reason and kiss me on softly on the check every night before bed. I couldn’t wait to come home from work to see his face and that beautiful smile. Our love grew a little more each day. Its like our hearts were one.

He asked me to marry him while out on a stroll one summer night in June. We had stopped to take in the sun set and he got down on one knee and asked me to be spend the rest of my life with him. I said “yes” instantly. I loved him so much and wanted to be with him forever. We got married the following June with close friends and family. It was a magical time. I wish I could go back to that day when we both loved each other and we wanted the same things.

After a year of happiness things started to change. He stopped bringing me flowers for no reason and kissing my check softly before bed. Sometimes he wouldn’t even come home at night. I would go days without seeing or talking to him.That’s how things started. It didn’t take long before he was beating me daily for the smallest things. Like if I forget to pick up milk at the store or if I wasn’t wearing the right clothes. The panic in my heart told me to get out, yet I stayed. Oh god why did I stay?  He would come home and lash out at me for no reason  telling me I’m ungrateful and that I’m ruining everything. Unsure of what I did, I tried to reason with him but that ended with another beating.

I didn’t know who I was anymore. I would cry myself to sleep and yet I stayed. This behavior went on for six months before I found the courage inside of me to end things. I walked out the front door and never looked back. Got in my car and drove as far as away as I could. I never wanted to see him again. I drove to my grandmother’s house in the next state and told her what had happened. She helped me get the help I needed and today I can  say that I am a stronger person for it.


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