Another year older


Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it being sick. I had a fever and no appetite. Spent all day lying on the couch trying to distract myself. Nothing seemed to take my fever away  and it only got worse has the day went on. 

I went to bed early in hoes that my fever would go away. No such luck. I ended up spending most of the night hugging the toliet. I did manage to get a few hours of sleep. 

There was no way I could go to work today. Calling out is ever easy for me. But I mustard up the courage and called my boss, she was understanding and told me to feel better soon. 

I went back to lying in the couch and trying everything to get rid of my fever. Nothing seemed to work. My fever did finally break in the evening and I started to get some of my energy back. 

I am going to bed early tonight and in plan on getting tons of rest. Hopefully tomorrow I can finally celebrate my birthday the way it was intended to be celebrated. 

Hoping next year is better! 


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