OMG work part 2


This week we started Epic training and I think my head is going to explode. For those of you who don’t know what Epic is, its an electronic medical record system that is used widely in through out the United States. Its a pretty complex program and it has taken all my concentration to learn it.

OK now that I have explained what Epic is let me paint you a picture. I work in a small office of about 30 people.There are four of us up front answering phone calls, making appointments and checking people in. This week two of us have been spending our mornings in training, while the other two are answering the phones, making appointments and checking people in. Then in the afternoon we return from training and everything is back to normal.

The office where I work is pretty busy so its really hard on the two people not training to keep up with everything, while we are at training. Things have gotten a little tense when we have come from training because the two people not a training like to get mad at us for being at training.  I can’t blame them for being a little on edge but don’t get upset at us because you think that being training was easier. I got news for you its not easier.

Today on top of everything else that has been going on at work a new person started today and my boss elects me to train her. I just got out of training myself and now she wants to me train someone. It took a long time for to adjust but I did it. I had never really trained someone before but I was saying all the right words and sounding like I had done this a million times. I hope I get the opportunity to train more people in the future. I had a good time today.

I know that the road is going to be a long one and maybe even a little bumpy but I hope that in the long run Epic will work out for us and make our work life’s a little easier. Because doing everything manually sucks!.