OMG work


Has been so stressful lately. I don’t even know where to begin.

Lets see… OK first I work a pediatric doctors office and its the only pediatric office within like 100 miles of where I live. The office has been independently owned and operated for like almost 50 years. We are a smaller office who sees like every kid in town. We still use paper charts we call our doctors by their first names when we see them in the hallway. All the medical staff is just a short walk down the hallway if I have question, while I am on the phone with a patient. Its really nice to be able to do that when I needed.

Anyway, the time has come for us to get electronic medical records(EMR) and move into the current century. But we can afford to get the system needed to have  EMR on our own, so we need to partner with someone. The hospital in town who also own several clinics has offered to merge with us so we can get EMR. It is going to be a huge change and everyone in the office is freaking out. A lot of my co-workers are considering other jobs and some have found them and are moving on, which means a few jobs have opened up.

One of the jobs that has opened up is referrals. I have an interest in this position but so does my co-worker who has worked for the company longer than I have. I have lots of skills which are perfect for the job but I don’t know if I will get it. My manager did ask me if I was ready to learn how to do referrals, which I responded with yes. The conversation went on from there but its a little complicated to explain.

The referrals job would be  a promotion for me, which I could use the extra the cash. The only problem is I don’t know if there is a pay raise for sure and if I am going to have enough time to learn the job as the person currently in the position is leaving in a week. Oh and I don’t know what the job will turn into once we merge with hospital. But deep down inside I really hope it works out. I really wan the chance to show everyone I can handle more responsibility.

Sorry this post is sorta all over the place. The situation is so complex its hard to explain if your not living it.