Christmas Time


The snow has been coming down for hours and the roads are barely visual. I’m driving along hwy 50 on my home for Christmas. The last of the day light has just disappeared and my headlights are the the only source of light for miles.

I had driven this road many times and knew it like the back of hand. I had just past the old barn on the left and knew I had one more curve to drive through and I would be in the home stretch. I was driving rather slowly due to all the snow and but yet something still didn’t feel right. Maybe it was the fact that I was only one on the hwy and it is night time. The night really creeps me out. The silence and the fear that something might be waiting for me gets to every time.

I have been driving for hours and my eyes are getting heavy. Must stay awake! Opens eyes wider. Don’t fall asleep. I say to myself. Your almost there. The curve in the road is coming and you will need to focus to make through. Slowing down so I can ease into the curve. I press down the breaks slightly and the car jerks left to the center line. I quickly get myself back into the lane and slowly make my way through the curve. Holding my breath just for good measure. Only a few more seconds and I will be back to straight road.

Phew I made it! That curve is so dangerous, even without snow. As many times as I have traveled this road I always fear that curve. I pull over and call my mom to let her know that I’m almost there and that I shall be there in no less than 20 minutes. I hang up and start my journey home again.

Christmas time is my favorite time of year. My whole family gets together at my parents small home and we gather around the table for a feast to end all feasts. We share stories and wisdom and then we all gather around the tree and open presents, starting with youngest. I shipped my presents weeks ago so they are ready and waiting for me to pass out. My aunt always knits sweaters for us and my grandma sends her love with cookies and scarfs. This year I’m hoping for some peanut butter blossoms and a wool scarf.

As I pull into my parents driveway my dad is there to greet me with a huge hug. I love you too dad I say as we embrace. He leads me into the house were all my relatives are waiting and again I am greeted with more hugs and love. Its good to be home.