Ok so I lied…


I thought I was going to write everyday bu alas I haven’t kept my promise. I had tried several times to sit down and write but the words just wouldn’t come out. Then I thought maybe I’m trying to hard, I shouldn’t force myself to write I should want to write.

Then life happened and I caught up in the everyday going ons. Work has been really stressful and I’m sorta handling well but I’m starting to wonder if I need new job. I really like my job for the most part. The patients are usually great to see and watching the kids grow is always fun, but my new manager hasn’t been living up to the standards that we are used to.

About two months ago we got a new office manager at work. While I was sad to the old one leave I was excited to start a new leaf with the new one. That was until I noticed that I was getting yelled at in front of patients and co-workers for things that weren’t a big deal in the past. We as front office staff have many responsibilities which range from answering the phones and making appointments, getting charts ready for the next day and much much more. I have been yelled at for not making my charts for the next day a priority and for talking to a nurse about an appointment(all because I left my desk) and a few other things which I won’t mention. None of these things have been a problem in the past. However, my new manager hasn’t told us of these new standards, its like we are supposed to read her mind. Also she is not very good at communicating in general.

I’m really getting upset over this whole mess and have cried several times because I don’t fee like I am doing my job well. I have learned to make my charts for the next day a priority which doesn’t allow me to do another one of my many jobs very well. I have also learned not to leave my desk unless I absolutely have to. The mood at work has changed so much that its hard to go there every day. I used to look forward to it because the mood was always so happy and the manager was much more involved. The new manager is not that involved in everyday on goings and it makes everyday tasks hard.

I hope things change for the good soon or I maybe looking for new work.