In an MMMBop their gone


Post Hanson Concert Depression has hit me full force this time around. So bad I want to cry. Silly right? Its just a Hanson concert. Its not just a Hanson concert its the whole experience that I miss.

When Hanson announced dates for their Roots and Rockin’ Roll tour back in June(I think it was) I knew instantly that I needed to go. I waited for the day that pre-sale tickets went on sale and was up and ready the very second that tickets were for sale. I managed to buy my tickets and then the waiting game started.

The day has finally come and I couldn’t be more excited. Hanson were playing in Portland, Oregon, which is about a 6 hour drive for me. I have a friend that lives in Portland so I had a place to crash. I left work at noon and started my journey. The drive went by pretty fast. When I get to my friends house, I say instantly “You want to go line up at midnight?” (side note: Hanson fans are known to line up extremely early for concerts so my suggestion wasn’t out of the ordinary.) My stops to think and says “YES!” We gathered our stuff they we would need, chairs, blankets, snacks, extra clothes, etc. and head to bed. I got about 30 mins of sleep, I was too excited. We ended up waking up at midnight and we go the venue at 1am and there four other people there already.

We settled in behind them and quickly put numbers on our hands(Hanson fans have taken it upon themselves to do a number system so that you can come and go from the line without loosing your spot, but usually only for the first 30-40 people). I was number five and my friend was number six. We ended up taking a little nap and woke up several hours later. We decided to go in search of food and discovered that there was a Fred Meyer across the street. The rest of day went by really quickly and soon doors opened.

We were lead down a narrow black hallway which lead to the stage. My friend and I ended up being second row! The stage was small and low to the ground with no baracade. The crowd waited for the opener to the take stage. He was great and I ended up checking his music out. Then the wait for Hanson to take the stage seemed like forever. Then it finally happened. The lights went down and the crowd got super loud and Hanson came walking out.

The Roots and Rockin’ Roll tour which composes of two concerts, an after party and a barefoot one mile walk for charity was a ten city tour where they played two shows in each city. The first night being mostly cover songs followed my the after party, hosted by one of the band members.

Back to the concert… They opened with Twist and Shout, which was so much fun to hear and continued with Shake Your Tail Feather. They covered Billy Joel, the Beach Boys, U2 and many more. The show ended with a cover of I Believe In A Thing Called by the Darkness. That was a show stopper!

The after party was something that me and friend didn’t really stick around much for but it seemed like the crowd was having fun. We decided to go home and get some sleep. We woke up at 6 am and hit the road and got the venue at around 7am. We were number 9 and 10 in line. Still pretty good!

The second concert started with another opener, who was great as well. Hanson started the concert with a song from their current album Anthem called Already Home. They played a lot of fan favorites and yes they played MMMBop. It wouldn’t be a Hanson concert without MMMBop. They played for a solid two hours and ended with three encores.

Ok back to the barefoot one mile walk for charity. Back in 2006 or 2007 I can’t remember, Hanson was making a record titled The Walk. Friends of theirs were going to South Africa to donate medical equipment and asked if Hanson wanted to come along. They decided to travel to South Africa to help their friends out and ended up being touched by the extreme poverty there that they went looking for ways to help. They teamed up with Toms Shoes when they went on tour to support their album The Walk. Toms Shoes, if you don’t know gives a pair of shoes to a child in need every time someones buys a pair shoes. Hanson and Hanson fans helped give thousands of shoes away by walking barefoot for a mile. The walks have turned into helping to build schools, drill clean water wells, providing shoes and HIV meds for mothers of unborn children. Hanson donates one dollar for every walker that takes the walk. The walk in Portland was wet but nice. Hanson leads the walk and yes they do take their shoes off. Its a time to reflect and to connect with problems outside of you. For more information on the walk charity you can visit

Anyway, back to the story at hand. After the second concert me and friend decide to wait outside by the tour bus for Hanson to come out. They usually come out and sign autographs and to take pictures. My friend lasted an hour and decided that she had enough. I wasn’t really ready to leave but decided to go anyway. I’m still kicking myself for not waiting because Hanson did come out, if we had only waited another hour. Oh well maybe next. I still had a blast and wished I could have done it all over again.

I have attached a few photos from the two concerts. Please don’t steal. I hope you enjoy!

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