Being a grown up sucks!


I mean if you really stop and think about it being a grown up is not what it is cracked up to be. Being a grown up comes with so much responsibility that Inwish I was a little kid again. 

Today was the worst day I have ever had in a really long time. We recently got a new manager at work and we are adjusting to new ways and dealing with the details, which as been hard. Anyway, today it seemed like she was picking on me. My job requires a lot of multitasking and I like to think I do a pretty good job. I work in a pediatric doctors office.  I was answering phones, putting a way charts( we don’t have electronic medical records), and working I charts for the next day, plus anything else that came my way. 

Several times today my manager would ask if my charts for the next day were done and when I would say no she would tell me to get them done. I would go work on them but only to get ineruped by the phone ringing or someone on the staff needing something so it that would stop me from getting my charts done. My manager would come back every so often ask me if my charts were done yet. And then it happened. I had a taken a phone call from a patients mother and had to put them on hold to ask a nurse a question. I went out into the hall way and was talking with the nurse about the patient and my manger walks by and says are your charts done yet? I said no and she said you need to get your priorities straight. Keep in my mind that I was trained to worry about the phones and putting the charts and faxes away before my charts for the next day. And none of co workers had their charts done either so I’m sure what the deal was.  So I went back to my desk and quickly got my charts done and tried not to cry because Inwas so furious. 

I made it through the rest of the day but it was really tough. I left feeling so angry. I know I need to talk to her but I’m afraid. So being a grown up sucks! Can I be a little kid again?