Little man


Little man was born one month early and spent two weeks in the NICU before he was able to come home. 

My husband(no ex husband) and I drove him home in the middle of rain storm in Southern California. Scared we wouldn’t make it. It took over three hours to get home and the hospital was only an hour away.

That first night was rough. We didn’t sleep but we were home. My mother came to stay shortly after and she offered to get up with my son through the night. My husband at the time slept through the whole night. 

We found our selfs back in the hospital, this time for a week because little man couldn’t keep anything down. He was diagnosed with GERD. 

Several months later I moved back home and later got s divorce. All the while not sleeping because my son was having trouble eating and battling ear infections and other critcal illness. 

Little has had countless surgeries and has been diagnosed with ADHD and also suffers from sensory issues. And for the past two years he has been attending a special pre school and receiving every service they offer and also attending speech therapy privately and most recently occupational therapy privately. 

Little man is a very bright, kind and caring person who love more than anything and today his teacher tells me that he won’t be able to attend regalar kindergarten in the fall but a special education kindergarten would be best. The tears just started rolling down face and went into a depressed state for most the day and I couldn’t stop crying. I am done crying and I am going to do what is best for my son because I love him more than anything.