Digging to Tulsa: So close I can feel it


Hanson day is about 5 weeks away! I’m very excited. More details have been released which include a beer festival called Hop Jam and the first ever MOEY awards will be given out. What is a MOEY you ask? A MOEY is an award handed out to members for their excellence in several categories, which include best lip syncing video, best album concept, best why you want to join the band video and many more. I entered the best album concept category. I hope I win.

Hop Jam is Hanson’s own beer festival which they show off not only their own beer, MMMHOPS but many other beers from Tulsa and around the world. There is also a free concert which Hanson is headlining and last year 30,000 people showed up. It was pretty epic, so I hear. I’m very excited to finally be a part of it.  For more info. on Hop Jam you can visit www.thehopjam.com .

Also here is my entry for the best concept album. The following is fictional and for entertainment value only.


For more information, contact:

Rayos Neet
In a van down by the river
Riverside,Colorado 73456
Phone: (555)666-6666
Fax: (555)666-6667
Email: vandownbytheriver@slug.com

International superstar to take the world by storm with second studio album.
Melia will be releasing her second album titled Middle of the Night,via Monkey Records, August 25,3056. Middle of the Night is the perfect combination of soul and rock.
Produced by Kent Bryan(The Tree Huggin Group, Wallie, The Square Toes) who recorded the album out of his van with only a mini recorder to capture the soulful sounds which make up the album.
The first single “Twisted Night”, written by Blake Massey and Nicole Porter which explores the twisted things of the night with some bluesy guitar and melt your face off tambourine, start Middle of the Night off with a suprising kick.
That surprising kick continues through out the rest of ablum with songs such as “Get Out of My Bed” and “Brush Your Teeth” which bring the classic rock style of Melia that we are used to.

You will be able to grab Middle of the Night at any local music store, online atItunes.com or at Melia’s webiste www.melia.com

Melia has been making music for almost a decade, she got her start by performing at gas stations and supermarkets across her hometown of Riverside,Colorado.
Her first album self titled Melia sold over 15 million records worldwide and she is back to take the world by storm. A world wide tour is set to start in Los Angeles,California in the fall of 3056.
For more information on Melia please visit www.melia.com

For further information, contact Rayos Neet at (555) 666-6666