Is it May yet?


I could really use a vacation.

The past two weeks have been crazy. My parents went on vacation and I had to pick up extra shifts at work, to fill in for my mom. Oh and keep in mind that every time my parents go on vacation some gets sick. And no sooner then they leave and my son gets sick and ends up in ER, with an ear infection. Then he got an eye infection. He is doing much better now. I still have caught up on my sleep, but who needs sleep its over rated.

I haven’t even had time to do the laundry or clean my house until yesterday. I felt so bad the few days my son was home while a family friend watched him. I must have said I’m sorry a million times. She was so nice about it too. She would just say I was I single mom and I understand. That still doesn’t make it ok. Here I am still feeling bad. But my house is clean and the laundry is done now!

Thank god my parents come back early tomorrow morning. Maybe things will go back to normal or not. I’m not even sure what normal is anymore. Actually right now I should be in bed trying to sleep but instead I’m here rambling like an idiot to the people of the internet. Do people actually read my blog? Oh who cares… no wait I care. OK I’m done. I’m so tired. Thanks for still reading my random ramblings.