More digging and job searching


The member event is coming up really soon and I’m super excited! We are still waiting for more details about the event but I’m sure those are coming soon. I have started to look at flights a little bit more but nothing too serious. I need money before I can buy. When I get my income tax return I will be buying a flight.

The job search has been non exist so far. I know I need to find something else but that’s very hard to do while living in this small town. I could go back to school and get a degree and then find a great job in a bigger city. I’m just not sure what I want to do when I grow up.

My dream job would to do something with music. Which is a huge passion of mine. Now I can’t sing or play an instrument but I’m sure there is something I could do within the music business that doesn’t involve either of those things. I also love discovering new music and learning anything I can about the artist and have been followed on Twitter by some pretty cool artists by mostly independent artists but one mainstream artist.

I love to write and have dabbled in photography but only a little. Writing has been a great outlet for me. I find it easier to write things down rather then try and speak them. I’m able to find the right words to express myself through writing and writing short fiction has recently become fun.

Ok now that I have rambled a little too much. Let’s get back on track. I’m sure I will figure my life out and the member event will be a blast. I will be sure and keep you all updated.