Digging to Tulsa


As many of you know my favorite band is Hanson and has been since I was fourteen, many many moons ago. Every year the band holds a Members Only  Event(MOE) in their home town of Tulsa,OK. The event is always held in May because when the band was at the height of their fame the mayor of their town declared May 6th Hanson day, because their debut album came out that day in 1997.

Hanson fans have been celebrating May 6th has Hanson day ever since. Every years fans would celebrate that day within the fan community. Hanson would honor the day by wishing every one a Happy Hanson Day but never really did anything but release a new EP.  The fans continued to celebrate in our own little ways. Then one year Hanson decided to record a live EP and invited the fans to join them.

Hanson posted on their website an address in Tulsa and a time and told us that anybody that showed up would be let inside. Hundreds of people showed and MOE was born. MOE stayed a small concert for many years until recently. It has grown into this event which lasts a whole weekend, which includes band lectures,an art gallery, a special store a bowling tournament a welcome and street leader dinners, movie nights and of course the concert and all you have to be is a member of Hanson.net, the bands website. This year MOE was held on the same weekend as Mayfest and the bands very own festival, Hop Jam. The band started their own beer company and launched a beer called MMMHops so Hop Jam was a way to drink beer and listen to music. The band performed and hundreds of people showed up to watched. Hope Jam was a huge success.  I’m hoping Hop Jam happens again this year. The details that been given out are the dates and nothing more about next years MOE will be released until next year.

Tulsa has become the ultimate Hanson fan spot to visit. And MOE is the perfect opportunity to visit Tulsa. I have never been and have always wanted to and next year is going to be my chance. I am over the top excited. Hanson fans from all over the world gathering in one place for one truely epic event which will get talked about for years to come and will go down IN Hanson history forever. I couldn’t pass it up. I have already booked my hotel which is only 6 blocks from the concert venue and I’m glad I did because every hotel with in walking distance of the venue is sold out.

Over the coming months I am going to take you on my journey leading up to the event with everything from picking a flight and details of the events that are  going to happen that weekend. You will be getting a front row experience and will get to share my excitement. If you have any stories of similar events you have attended I want to hear about them.