My mind is exploding


Today was a terrible, horrible, no good day. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. And now sitting here thinking about it makes me want to cry or maybe its the song playing threw the headphones I may never know.

It all started Saturday  when the phones at work decided not to work. I was trying to switch the phones over so that the recording would come on and no matter how hard I pushed the button the recording would not come on. And since the manager aka my mom was in New Mexico,what was I going to do? I know that we have a phone guy whose name is Richard but Richard what? What is his phone number? Where can I find this phone number? All these thoughts where racing through my head. I needed to find his phone number. So what do I do? I call my mother in New Mexico and ask where I might find his number. She tells me and I quickly calmed down. I called him and I get his voice mail. I try again thinking I dialed wrong, nope same voice mail. I tell the doctor that I’m unable to switch the phone over and that I’m working on a solution.

I finally get a hold of the phone guy. By this time I have figured out a solution and he tells me will stop by on Monday and look into the problem. My day off is Monday so I wasn’t there but he did come by so I was told.

I show up to work today and the minute we switch the phones over the phones start ringing off the hook and its one call after another. You can feel the tension all around and all you want to do is run. We had a few rough calls and one over the top angry person show up in person who was mad at about something stupid. Actually she didn’t just show up once but three times, every time with something more to say. I even had one call from yet another angry person stating that she was transferring her daughters care because we just aren’t the same and she is so fed up that she wants to leave a complaint and with whom can she leave the the complaint with. I’m thinking didn’t you already leave your complaint with me? I tell her that the manager is out of the office until tomorrow and that  I can leave a message for them to call you. She hangs up. She never called back, thank god.

Oh and then there was the clogged toilet. The building is old and the plumbing I swear is even older. We called a plumber and he is there for no more than five minutes and the toilet is fine. I don’t even want to know what the bill was.

I couldn’t wait for 5’oclock to come. I never ran out of there so fast. I ran all the way to my car and quickly jumped in and turned the music up so loud and quickly drove away. I picked up my son from daycare and drove for home. Upon getting home I sat on the couch and barley moved for 30 minutes. I sure hope tomorrow is better I don’t think I could handle two terrible, horrible days in a row. Wish me luck!


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