White Picket Fence


Ruby has dreamed about having a house with a white picket fence and kids running around the yard ever since she was little girl. Her husband would be out playing with kids and she would be tending to the garden. Their lives would be picture perfect and everybody would be happy.

That dream is slowly slipping from her fingers has she stands in court fighting to save her marriage. She knows it has ended but she can’t let go. Her and Jayden had been married for only a year but had been together for what seemed like forever. They grew up together and would spend every waking moment together as children. They would play  make believe and pretend to be in a far away land and then would giggle so hard afterward about what they had just done. Then one day Ruby moved away and left Jayden and vowed to see him again one day. They didn’t meet again until many years after college. They ran into each other at the local coffee shop and soon became close friends. Jayden is the tall and dark and hansom kind of guy who knows how to sweep a  girl right off her feet. They soon dated for a short time and then soon after got married.

They soon discovered that Ruby was pregnant and would be expecting their child in August. They quickly moved into a house and spent their days getting ready for their child to arrive. The baby’s room was painted in yellow for a mutual color and stuff animals where placed about and the crib was set up and everything looked perfect. Their bundle of joy arrived and then came the sleepless nights and fights about things that didn’t even matter. Ruby found herself alone and scared. Jayden had decided he wasn’t ready to be a father and left.

Wiping the tears from her eyes she tells the judge that Jayden has moved on and wants nothing to do with her or their child.But just before he signs the papers, Jayden walks in and demands that he wants custody of his child and that Ruby is not a fit parent. Ruby is furious and can’t believe what she just heard. There is no possible way Jayden is going to get custody of their child, he left when the child was just a newborn and now after seven years he decides he wants to be a father. Ruby’s lawyer must have been thinking the same thing and quickly goes into action telling the judge that Mr. Temple walked out on Mrs. Temple and their child seven years ago and hasn’t looked back until today and doesn’t deserve to have custody of the child.

The judge looks at Jayden and says “Mr Temple how dare you walk into my court room and demand such things. After being absent for so long.” Jayden just stands their speechless. He finally opens his mouth to speak and the judge hushes him. The judge signs the papers as they stand. Ruby has won! Jayden has no rights to their child and now she can move on. She walks quickly out the courtroom with a smile on her face and never looks back.