It’s just me


Why do people always assume that when I’m depressed its my depression acting up? Can’t a person just be in a depressed mood because they are depressed about something or having a bad day? Yes, I suffer from depression and I’m taking medication to help but I’m still capable of having all the emotions that people without depression have.

Right now I’m feeling a little depressed. I’m not  really sure why. Maybe its the weather? Maybe I’m just tired after a long day at work? I wish I knew but the truth of the matter is I don’t. I also don’t feel like being social right now either. I’m very happy just sitting on the couch with my headphones on listening to music and enjoying the quiet while my son sleeps. That doesn’t mean that my depression is taking over just simply means that my mood right now is that I’m happy just being alone.

Whenever my family sees me in one of these moods they automatically assume that I’m not taking my medication and that I’m letting my depression take over. And no matter how hard I try and explain that I’m just feeling a little down and that everything is fine and that I’m still taking my medication, it just seems like they don’t understand. Now if this depressed mood were to last a week or more than I would start to worry but not just a day. I wish someone would understand.

That is why I turn to music. Music doesn’t judge and its always there waiting to take me away. I am most happiest when I’m at a concert seeing my favorite band up on stage and getting totally swept away in the music and screaming the lyrics and hanging out with my friends and other fans. That is not the only reason I love music. I have a deep and personal connection with almost every song in some way.

Ok that was a little off topic but you get the idea. I think I’m going to go find a great book to read and fall asleep listening to the rain.


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