Another farwell…


I have come to this site and stared at the homepage about ready to click the log in button only to chicken several times over the past week or so. Why didn’t I? May you ask? To be honest I’m not really sure. I don’t have any burning news to share or any other wonder pieces of information. Yet I had this burning desire to write something. I still haven’t found the perfect words to express the thoughts zooming through my head but I hope to soon. I thought about writing a song, a poem, a flash fiction or even some random story about my life. But all of those just didn’t seem to pan out very well. I would start of great and then soon it would end up in a train wreck after I realized that I really didn’t have much to say. I would delete what I had written and just stare at the blank page thinking an idea would just pop off the page if I stared at it long enough and then after a few minutes I would just give up and I would find myself clicking the log off button and wondering off to another site to look at for a while and then move on again.

My passion for writing hasn’t died, even though I haven’t really been writing much here. I just came to the conclusion that my life really isn’t that interesting and every time I would write something it was short and not very interesting. Yet people seem to read it… I have been checking the states and there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t gotten at least 4-5 people looking and reading what I have written. The most popular post being a post title It’s My Birthday from last year followed by a post I flash fiction I wrote called The Parking Lot Was Our First Date. I’m honored that so many people have sought out my blog to read each and every day. I have made some great friends and I was even deemed worthy of awards. Thank you all so much! You are truly amazing bloggers and I enjoying reading what you have written in past year I have been on this site. My hope to one day become more active and to start blogging regularly but until then please enjoy my past posts and I will see you again someday.


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  1. i enjoy you’re posts and what we think is mundane is interesting to others. it’s our humanity. enjoy your time away and i look forward to your return when you are ready. best, beth

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