Hello out there..


Walks in and takes a look around.. anybody out there? I have been away for a long time. Looking around it looks like a lot has changed. I like it.

How has everybody been? I have been very busy lately with work and tending to my son. Although its summer and work has slowed down a little bit there have been some major changes, all for the best. We will soon be having two new people joining our team and I’m very excited to meet them. I hope they like us and that we like them.

My son has been going to a new daycare for a little over a month now and she is fabulous. She provides a calming environment and just the right amount of activities. Little man also started summer school today. I was told he had a great time by the daycare lady but I didn’t get to meet the teacher and I’m not sure I ever will. I really hate that fact. I want to be involved with my son’s schooling so I’m going to have to find some way to communicate with the teacher.

Speaking of summer how is everyone’s summer going? Mine has been great. We had a great Fourth of July. We went to the beach for a picnic and to fly kites and then off to my parents house for dinner and fireworks. Little man really got into the whole firework thing. He kept saying “fireworks go boom!” He is still talking about the fireworks. Puts a smile on my face.

I also got a smile on my face when I logged on and noticed that I had a little orange notification waiting for me. Motherhood and Beyond is one year old!  I can’t believe its been a year. Thank you to everyone for sticking around and enjoying my blog. I hope to become more active and be around for many years to come.