Baby bird come in.. Come in…


Sorry I was watching court Tv. Do you copy? If course we copy twenty four hours a day in color…

Now that I have your attention *insert evil laugh*. What’s been going on you ask? I haven’t been here in what seems like forever. I know I have been neglecting my blog for some time now. I promise I still love you guys. Ok enough of the mushy stuff.
Life has been busy since I was last here. Where to start? Well, Easter was great. My son loved finding the eggs and eating jelly beans. The little stinker eat the whole bag. Not all at once. Grandma got him a couple of water toys, which fell in love with. He even had fun dying the eggs. He managed to stay fairly clean.
My friend from Pennsylvania is conning to visit at the end the May. We are going to see a concert together. She has never been on airplane before so it shall be fun. We are going to stay at a hotel in the big city and see all sites and have some girl time. Grandma us going to watch little man while my friend is here. Yay a break from mommy duties!!!
And that concludes tonight’s broadcast. Please join me again for another special report. Goodnight.