Long time no write


*Walks in a dusts the spider webs away.* Hello out there in blogging land. I have missed you. Lots has been going on and I am here to tell you all about it. 

As many of you know I have been searching high and low for a new daycare for my son. Good news I finally found a great place. It’s an in home daycare and the lady,lets call her R is really nice and was once the director of a head start. She has tons of training and seems to be a little bit more put together then my son’s current daycare lady. I am so excited that my search is finally over and I can breath. My son will start there in March.*Does happy dance.*

OK enough dancing and back to business.  I took my son to his first movie at the movie theater a while back. We went to go see Frozen. He did really well, he didn’t sit through the entire movie but he did run around like a crazy person either. He even enjoyed the popcorn and would get super excited whenever singing to place. I too enjoyed the movie. I thought it was a good movie but I think the reviews seemed to hype it up more then was needed, but none the less a good movie.

 Oh and recently have been addicted to Neopets. Anybody else play? I know its mainly for kids but adults play too. I have meet some pretty awesome people and I love playing games and collecting points. If you haven’t heard about it go check it out.

Let’s see anything else that might be of interest? Hmmm? I guess just some everyday life stuff nothing too exciting. My son got an ear infection on top of his cold. He has been cranky lately so that has been stressful. But I think he starting to feel better. Well I think that about does it for now. Oh wait one more thing. My stats have been crazy lately. They seem to be rising daily. I’m not sure what I did, but I guess whatever it was was good. So thanks for sticking around and peace,love and bullet proof marshmallows.