Instant regret


I really screwed up big time on Monday. I let my emotions get the best of me again. Something I am working on.
It all started over the weekend, I started having terrible jaw pain. I took some Advil and thought it would go away. Come Monday and the pain still hadn’t gone away. I took more Advil and went to work. I was doing ok until I noticed the pain getting worse. I stopped what I was doing and dropped my head and took some deep breaths. I took more Advil and was about to resume working, when my manager aka my mom walked into the front office and saw me sitting there with my down and proceeded to ask me if I had taken anything. Here is where I lost it. I snapped at my manager aka my mom and said can’t you just be empathic for five seconds. Tears rolling down face, I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom to compose myself.
Feeling instant regret and stupid at the same. I quickly wiped my tears and went back to work. After a few minutes I apologist to my co- workers and tried to turn things around.
Things have rocky between my manager aka my mom for the past few days. I hope we can work things out.


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