More yellow monsters please?


When I wrote a quick little blog about about it being my birthday back in November, I never thought it would be so popular so many months later.
If you were to look at my stats you would think that is the only post I have written. That little post has gotten more views in the month then any of the others I have written.
I owe it all to the little yellow monsters that are in the picture that accompany the post. I guess people like the little yellow monsters or they just like to read about birthdays. Well whatever the reason I am glad they are enjoying reading my little blog. As I know you all do. Evil laugh…. Anyway a little update. I have been absent for many days. I hope didn’t miss me. I have been a very busy women. I have been looking for new daycare for little man. I did visit one lady’s house and I wasn’t impressed. I will go into more detail about that adventure later. Little man turned four years old on Monday. Happy Birthday little man. I have learned a few things about myself and I’m happy I did and hope to learn more. And on that note goodnight everyone. I must get some beauty sleep.


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