A day at the Tacoma Children’s Museum


Since my son’s birthday is tomorrow, I decided to do something special today since I have to work tomorrow. I had some ideas but one day I was talking to Grandma and she mentioned the Children’s Museum. I quickly googled it and soon fell in love. A whole museum just for kids. Actually its not your typical museum, there is no art on the wall to stare at and its not quiet, its very loud and there is tons of fun to be had.

We walked and you pay a donation of your choosing and you can leave your things in a locker if you choose. We paid a small donation and walked into a huge room with lots of kids. The first thing we saw was climbing structure that looked like a house. There was a small kitchen and a bridge linking to another space with a telephone and other fake household items. Little man walked back and forth over the bridge and then would go up and the steps leading down to a water area.

In the water area you put on blue vest type thing to keep you dry. There are tubs filled with water and water toys. The kids can play with toys and splash around. There was big water fall structure that flowed water non stop into the tubs and there was knobs that the kids could turn and make the water go slower or faster. Here are some pictures of the water area.

childrensmuseum_waterWhen little man was done with the water, we moved on to a room filed with music makers, tables for drawing and even a dress up area. Little man enjoyed making music best. He would bang on the hand drum and shake the bells just waiting for someone to join in. Then would when someone would join in he was bang or shake louder and louder. All with a huge smile on his face. I have never seen him have so much fun. Here are some pictures of the him making music.


When little man was done making music he moved to a huge room with structure shaped like a ship and another structure with a slide and a little area underneath filled with pillows. On the other end of the huge room was an awesome thing where you could be a ball(which was soft) into a maze of plastic tubes and a the balls would get sucked up and moved about the maze and then shoot out at you. Little loved this. He also loved being able to climb the ship and go down slide whenever he wanted. The museum is the type place where kids and wonder around to which ever activity they want with out parents worrying about them. Parents to have to stay with their kids but for the most part I just followed little man around and had fan with him. Here are the last of my pictures. I took some of the different structures so that I could start something like this in my town.