An update


Hey everyone in blogging land! I hope you all are well. I have been taking things slow around here lately.
I decided to give you all a little update. So here it goes….
Once again I have to find new daycare. I’m sure you all have read about the current lady in past posts. Well things have gotten worse.
Lately my son has been acting out by throwing toys, throwing himself on the floor in protest. And he is potty trained but will not go to the bathroom there. And a few months ago I noticed he had two really bad bite marks on his back. I asked her about them and she didn’t know where they came from. I should have reported her then, but I didn’t.
As I’m sure you all know my son’s developmentally delayed and he has some sensory issues which are being addressed but he still struggles day to day. Anyway, the daycare lady is just not understanding this. She asked me how to help him and when I give her suggestions she doesn’t seem to follow through. She just seems to put him in time out because she says that is all she can do. I’m pretty sure she can do better.
At this point I am going to work very hard to remove my son from her care and find someone that will work with me and my son and not get mad when he acts out.
I contacted one lady and she said she may have an opening February 1st. She is going to call me either way. Wish us luck.
In the mean time I am going to remove my son from his current daycare and see if a friend can watch him. I really hope things work out for my son because he really is a nice boy and just because he struggles with speech and other developmental things doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings or that he doesn’t needs.
And I promise to catch up on the posts haven’t read. I have a lot of reading ahead of me. Goodnight everyone.