The passion is gone


I started this blog with great passion and lots of energy. I was posting two or three times a day and I reading and discovering new blogs daily. I soon gained followers and awards, which meant my hard work had paid off. I was having fun.
As of late my passion seems to be missing. I have lost the joy and excitement that I once had. I find myself not posting as much and I don’t find enjoyment in reading and discovering new blogs or reading the blogs I follow. I have read a few followers posts lately but not all.
I used to read them all and I would try and comment as well. Because let’s be honest when the orange star appears or when the when comment box appears you smile. And yes I have had a smile or two but not many.
I need to find my passion again. I really do enjoy writing and sharing ideas and reading new things. I can’t help but wonder what went wrong.


9 thoughts on “The passion is gone

  1. Just remember the reason why you started. Re-read your old posts and edit them and you’ll be surprised by how good they were and now with more experience how better you can make them. Take part in weekly challenges, they really keep the motivation going…..especially Steve’s Monday Music Mix haha. Blog on!

  2. Writers or bloggers block… there is no rhyme or reason, no cure or answer. We all have days, or weeks, where ideas don’t flow. You certainly can’t force it. Just carry on with life, and if it suddenly ‘comes back’, great; if not, well I am sure you have other things in your life too 🙂

      • I thin of it like looking for a partner… the harder you look, it just won’t happen. Ignore the issue and it might just resolve itself.

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