Just a quick update


Hey y’all things have been kinda crazy lately. I wanted to give you all a little update. So here goes:

1. Work has been crazy. I can’t believe how crazy work has been lately. Tons of kids are getting the flu or something. Poor kids. But your clinic sees em all.

2. School has started again after winter break, so little man is back in the saddle. He loves preschool and riding the bus. There will be some changes to his life soon. I will discuss those in another post.

3. I recently re-discovered Neopets. Don’t laugh. I used to play all the time and then stopped. I was bored online the other day and decided to check it out again. As it turns out I still remember all the tricks and have soared to new heights in a few days. Does anybody else play?

4. My favorite is holding a fan club members only event in Jamaica right now and I really wish I could have gone.<insert sad face>

5. I am really getting sick of winter, where is the sun and warmer temps. Please bring on summer?

Ok well that is all for now. I hope everyone had a great week and I hope you have an even better weekend.