The Versatile Blogger Award


versatile-blogger-awardThanks to tjbarkerseattle I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. Go check out her blog its awesome. According to the rules I have to tell you seven things about myself.

1. I was once married in the middle of a snow storm.

2. Even though I live in the town next to the town where Twilight took place I can’t stand Twilight.

3. I have a really bad sweat tooth.

4.Math was least favorite subject in school.

5. While working at Dairy Queen I helped a co-worker ask another co-worker on date by making mini blizzards that spelled out a message.

6. My favorite color is purple.

7. I may live near Seattle, WA but I hate rain.


There are way too many bloggers that deserve this award there is no way I could choose my favorites because I love all you in different ways. So I will not be nominating any one.


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