2013 in review.


I have decided to break the past year down by month and relive some the highlights. So here it goes…

January started off with a bang my son went from a crib to regular bed and he turned three.

Time for preschool in February and this is the month I get caught up Candy Crush Saga on Facebook.

March was a time for 4pics1word and trips to places where my son gets to throw rocks in the water.

April was the month for Hanson overload the band premiered a new music video,announces a world tour, and starts a radio promo. I buy tickets for world tour and enjoy new music video.

May was filled with memories of a loved one that pasted away from this about a year ago. I attend a memorial service and we spread his ashes into the ocean. A friend gets married and we have a huge celebration.

I start this awesome blog in June and quickly gain followers and friends. I love blogging and hope to keep doing it for a years to come.This is also the month I learn about drunk gummy bears.

My Candy Crush Saga obsession continues in July and Jesse and the Rippers reunite on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  I got to see Boys to Men, 98 degrees and New Kids on the Block in concert on the same night.

August brings the VMA’s(Video Music Awards) and NSYNC reunite for the first time in 11 years. I attend a family reunion and my blog really starts to take off. GO ME!!!

I attend two of the three shows for Hanson’s World Tour in September.  I make a new friend and we meet the band.I had the best garlic cheese fries in Portland.  My mom watches my son for a week while I am gone. GO GRANDMA!!

I attend my last Hanson concert and a private members only event and get to meet the band again in October. I also get strep throat. Brandon really enjoyed Halloween. I meet strange homeless people in Vancouver,BC. I will never forget the homeless in Canada.

I turn 31 in November and Thanksgiving was a time to give thanks. I reach level 400 in Candy Crush Saga.

Its Christmas again in December and my son’s first real memory of Christmas is formed and presents everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed some of my highlights from 2013. This year has been great, I hope 2014 is just has great.




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