To the moon and back


Grandma told my son that she loves him to the moon and back. Little man thought it was funny and so out of nowhere he will just blurt out to the moon and back. He says it really fast and points to the moon and then the ground. I wish I could record it and share it with you all, its just too cute. Now every time he sees Grandma he says to the moon and back and they both laugh. Also lately my son has been very interested in the moon. It all started on thanksgiving when we all went searching for the moon. Its quite funny to see a bunch of adults and one very curious three old searching for the moon. They even have their hands on their foreheads and moving their heads side to side saying moon where are you. It was so cute. Sitting here now I wish I had video. Maybe next time.

Of course every night my son has to go searching for the moon and sometimes during the day. But during the day I started telling him that the moon sleeps. So he started saying moon sleeps mommy. Yes little man the moon sleeps. We hadn’t seen the moon at night for a few days and then one he spotted it and went crazy. He wanted to stay outside and admire the moon. We stayed for a few minutes and I had bribe him to come back inside. He then wanted to read Good Night Moon. He fell asleep as I was almost done. It was so cute.

Today I picked him up from daycare and we got in the car and he turns to me and says mommy I’m tired. I said did you have hard day? I’m tired mommy. Ok your tired lets go home and we can relax. A big smile emerged from his face. I couldn’t get home fast enough. He got home and ran to the house and once inside he just melted to the floor. He shouted HOME! Little man loves being home and I love being home with him. Tomorrow is my day off so will get to stay home. He will love that.

I just had to share those cute little stories with you. And yes little man I love you to the moon and back. Goodnight.


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  1. When my daughter was little we would have a blast together. These are amazing times, and digital/camera phones are available so photo memories are super easy! Enjoy. Enjoy. So happy to finally be catching up with you at 8 on a Sunday morning lol.

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