To follow or not to follow that is the question


When I joined the blogging community back in June I was excited to be a part of this world and ready to share stories and ideas. Now six months have past and while I still love blogging and sharing stories there is one thing I still question and that is when someone follows your blog do you feel obligated to follow their blog even you don’t find their blog appealing? I have never felt this way and while I will check out their blog, if I don’t find it appealing I won’t follow back. I am very grateful for the people that follow me and I don’t want them to feel that they have to follow me just because I follow them and vise versa. I ask because I have gotten some e-mails from people that followed me and when I didn’t follow back they got mad and then felt the need to e-mail me. I responded very nicely to the e-mail and then noticed that they have decided to unfollow me and that’s OK I just think that you shouldn’t feel obligated to follow a blog if you don’t find it appealing. Does anybody agree with me? Let me know your thoughts.


16 thoughts on “To follow or not to follow that is the question

  1. I see your dilemma. I’m sure I follow people who don’t follow me and vice versa and I’m fine with that. I guess everyone’s opinion on this differs hence you getting those follow up emails. Those people, in my opinion, are blogging for the wrong reason.

  2. i agree with you on this. sometimes i follow and read someone who does not follow me, and vice versa. i think it is a personal choice and shouldn’t be a numbers or matching game, just want people to read me because they choose to, not as a thank you measure of because they feel they should due to my reading them. interesting that people took the time to get angry because you didn’t follow them, they may be blogging only to get the stats, and not for any other reason. like you, i look at blogs and choose or not choose according to my taste.

    • I was shocked that I had received such e-mails. If I read a blog and really like what I see I will follow them and if they choose to follow me thats great but if they don’t follow back thats fine. I’m pretty sure those people were only worried about their stats and thats ok but don’t get mad at some one over something on the internet.

  3. Followers, hmm… tricky one that.

    Sounds like Christmas cards… one reason I’m glad I changed faith years ago, lol. Seriously though, any sort of friendship should be mutually respectful and not mutually obligatory.

    People follow my blog, presumably, coz they like it, dunno, guess so. When I get a new follower, I always welcome them; sure, that’s only polite, but do I reciprocally follow, nope, quite very rarely in fact.

    The math is simple, for some strange reason I have 625 or so followers. Now if I followed all of them… my Reader would be jam packed, and there is no way I could even scroll through all their posts, let alone read them. So I cant do that.

    As a blogger, I want folk to read and enjoy my work, not click follow and they never read anything (likes and comments are irrelevant – post readers count).

    I have a select few that I follow, by choice. Why? Coz I like what they post. If they bore me, I unfollow. Then I have some reading capacity to take on something else I prefer. It’s only human; no different to real people – yıou associate with those you are interested in talking to..

    Some weeks I lose a few followers, sometimes gain. That is not in my control. The only thing I can do is to ‘do my thing’, listen to feedback and thereby hope followers will stay. If they don’t, that’s my problem.

    Shallow ‘you follow me, then I’ll follow you’ mentality is like teenagers on Facebook. Sorry, but that’s not my game.

    I follow you Danielle coz I like what you do, simople as. Equally, if my stuff no longer interests you, I would expect and respect you to ‘unfollow me’, but I will still read your posts as I enjoy them 🙂

    Blimey… what was that all about? 🙂

  4. Hi Danielle-
    I was grateful that you stopped by, took the time to read and clicked like on one of my posts. Even if I did want you to follow, I certainly wouldn’t email you if you didn’t! That’s the most bizarre shit ever!

    It’s hard to follow everything you love – for me, they’re all in my reader, and I feel guilty when I don’t have time to read and comment on all the bloggers I love.

    Also – as far as my blog is concerned – I am often edgy and may offend. I don’t intend too – I’m usually just trying to be funny. But today, for instance, I’m about to post something with a title that many will find very offensive. So, although a post of mine might appear on a daily prompt that you, or others, enjoy, overall my blog may not be your cup of tea.

    As in life – do what you want, as long as you’re not hurting anyone. I love your blog. I am following, because I have a son – I refer to him as “little dude” in my blog, and I relate. Please don’t feel obligated to follow back! xox

    • Thanks for your comment Samara. The emails I got were crazy. I really don’t care. I just found it odd that someone would take the time to email someone over a follow on a blog.
      As for your blog maybe I will take a second look and if I like what read maybe I follow. Anyway, I hope you and little dude have a great day.

  5. I have yet to receive an email from someone I have not followed back. Many bloggers and social networkers play numbers games. I read who I like, and try to respond as much as possible. Right now I am in super busy mode so when I can I chose a fav from my list and have a good catch up.

  6. Some people will follow blogs only to get others to follow them, so I don’t feel obligated. Here is some advice I got from Twitter Bootcamp that I think applies to blogs as well:
    “Follow and unfollow without hesitation – don’t spend much time deciding whether or not you should follow someone. Simply hit follow and then at any point in time you are not getting value from their Tweets you are free to “unfollow them” – this is an important practice of carefully curating your personal learning network so you are maximizing the value and minimizing the noise from the people you are offering your attention to.”

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